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Unique and Special Unit, Tel Aviv, Israel by Roni Shani Feldstein

Project name:
Unique and Special Unit
Architecture firm:
Tel Aviv, Israel
Orit Arnon
Principal architect:
Design team:
Built area:
Approximately 120 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Roni Shani Feldstein
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Alpina Lighting
Tools used:
Residential › Apartment

Welcome to the apartment that we would all be delighted to reside in, a place belonging to a family from the Sharon region in Israel, intended for their use as well as for family members (who visit from abroad) - a dream vacation apartment in one of the warmest locations in Tel Aviv. For this purpose, they turned to interior designer Roni Shani Feldstein, who succeeded in creating an elegant, bright, and unique space incorporating many exciting and distinctive features into the local landscape.

"We carried out targeted renovations in the apartment and focused primarily on dressing and finishing," says the designer. "The rationale was to maintain the modern lines of the urban and powerful tower in which it is located and to envelop the interior spaces in blessings with special elements that connect with the sea visible through the balconies and openings.

"One of the main requests was to create an inviting, spacious, and airy entertainment space for family members and friends, integrating elements that resonate with the urban and maritime landscape. To achieve this, we carefully selected furniture, lighting fixtures, and complementary accessories for all the spaces - the living room, dining area, kitchen, guest room, and master bedroom.

"As soon as you enter the apartment, the impressive view of the coastline is revealed. The public wing is entirely floored with parquet, which was part of the facelift, transforming it from dull to bright and modern. The first functional area encountered is the impressive dining area, adorned with two cone-shaped lighting fixtures, also acquired from 'Alpina Lighting.' The dining table is made of solid wood, paired with rounded legs designed to soften and refine the dominant furniture standing at the center of the space. The chairs are upholstered in leather, making them easy to clean and maintain.

"In the kitchen island, we emphasized it with beautiful pendant lights that descend from the ceiling, highlighting the length of the furniture. We opted for bar stools combining wood and black leather - exceptionally comfortable chairs that suit the modern and clean atmosphere of the home.

"Furthermore, we chose to incorporate an artistic creation by artist Efrat Ilan, adapting specifically to the dominant blue shade in the artwork to blend with the prevailing color palette in the space. The touches of blue blend with the coastline and the sea, creating an atmosphere of freedom.

"For the living room floor, we laid down a massive rug that defines the seating area and visually anchors it. The seating system consists of a gray leather modular set, modern and elegant, complemented by a pair of lightweight armchairs in light gray. The rounded lines of the chairs add character and uniqueness to the living room, remaining faithful to the curved designs of many of the furniture pieces we chose to integrate into the apartment.

"At the center are the living room tables, one in walnut tone and the other made of glass. Again, the beautiful rounded lines merge together, adding to the space's appeal. In the library surrounding the TV wall, we integrated design elements and art pieces, and original artworks were hung on the walls, transferred from the family's permanent residence in Sharon directly to the vacation apartment in Neve Tzedek.

"The guest room, used by the children and family guests during their vacations in the country, was designed in shades of blue and turquoise, including a double bed, a work corner, and a large wall closet. We also added a sitting area featuring a chair with black leather straps on a walnut base, creating a boutique hotel room ambiance. The art was tailored to the space in terms of color aspects, adding an additional dimension to the monochromatic space.

"The master bedroom is a large and spacious room for which we chose a bed with two bedside tables and a TV stand facing the bed. In this room as well, a cozy seating corner was incorporated, and on the wall hangs a piece of art by a local artist emphasizing the sea colors and the atmosphere of the residential building's surroundings."

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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