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2023 Interior Design Trends

Written by:
Angeline Gonzales

It never hurts to get ahead of the game when it comes to modernizing your home, especially if one of your 2023 goals is to sell this home and buy another. Timeless style tends to work best for interior design when you want to sell a house, but there are contemporary trends that will help a potential buyer really see themselves in your space. Remember, though, that in most cases a big renovation, like adding a kitchen island or renovating a basement, is going to be most economical if you’ll have years, not mere months, to enjoy it yourself.

Here are just a few that we think will be popular in the next year.

     - In the wake of a big move to work-from-home and hybrid work, many trends are toward making the home space serene, especially areas away from the home office. Expect to see more rounded curves in furniture rather than stark lines. You’ll likely also run into lots of ambient lighting, with wall sconces shining warm-white light up the bright walls rather than lamps sending bright-white lights directed down like spotlights.

     - Dark woods, bold marble, and other warm, natural materials are all going to be popular. The modern farmhouse where elegant materials are paired with natural wood tones and other earthy neutrals has truly taken hold of the current mentality of what a nice, comfortable home looks like, and it won’t be letting go during 2023. Never mind that your home isn’t actually on a farm, exposed hardware, live-edge wood, and earthy forest greens and dark burgundies are all ‘in.’

     - While some years are characterized by a burst of color in your decorating structure, and you certainly can still do an accent wall or bold blast of textiles in a space, the real move this year is a variety of textures. A room that, from afar, looks neutral and minimalist might actually have a chunky woven rug, fuzzy pillows, and a totally sleek microfiber sofa. The variety in both visual and tactile sensations is brought together and made cohesive by less eclectic color schemes.

     - The Year of the Kitchen Island may have already come and brought with it every-expanding options for countertops, storage, sinks, and more, but this may be the Year of Expanding Kitchen Island Seating. By making sure that any new kitchen island has a lip that makes it perfect to add bar stools, you can be sure you’ll be capturing this trend. Another fun options is to have a dining-height table that folds up from the side of a kitchen island, making a perfect breakfast spot and homework table while a parent bustles around making the next meal.

     - Home office spaces are getting a makeover too. With more people going hybrid or switching to jobs that are entirely in-person at the office, the spaces that people had been devoting to work are being devoted more and more to calm and relaxation. Expect more meditation or workout spaces, comfortable and cozy rather than with glaring home-gym lighting, and generally a sense of “retreat” that can also be used to get a little work done if the need arises.

By Liliana Alvarez

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