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5 Examples of Contemporary Design on a Very Small Scale

Written by:
Cristina Par
Jean-Philippe Delberghe

When thinking about contemporary design, the first thing that comes to mind is the sleek, almost minimalist interior design of certain homes, often crowned by statement pieces of art or lighting fixtures. 

But, truly, contemporary design can be found in the details of furniture, accessories, jewelry, and much more. The examples of small-scale contemporary styles below can help you train your eye and become more familiar with the nuances of this style. 

Contemporary Design: A Quick-Start Guide

To find evidence of contemporary design in smaller objects and the little details, it is crucial to understand what makes contemporary styles come to life. Some of the principles of this style include simplicity, subtleness, and elegance, which are often enhanced by contrast with a bolder, more eccentric detail. 

In interior design, contemporary styles can be found in neutral color patterns, in the clever use of whites and blacks, and in lines that create dynamism within the space. What’s more, unlike other trends - such as modernism and bohemian design - the contemporary style isn’t related to a certain historical period but continues to evolve to reflect today’s economy or society. 

Small-Scale Examples of Contemporary Design

The principles of contemporary design can be applied to various industries and products, and the examples below are proof of it. 

Contemporary Fashion Accessories

Let’s start with fashion accessories. Although the term “contemporary” fashion has been used as a buzzword and marketing term for many decades, the term today describes a well-outlined style. 

Since its debut in 2015, contemporary fashion refers to fashion items and accessories that combine neutral colors, colorful accents, and bold lines. Contemporary fashion offers more accessible price points and aims to appeal to cosmopolitan people immersed in city life. 

Contemporary Plates and Silverware

Contemporary design has radically changed the world of real estate interior design across the world, as is possible to see in creations such as the Casa Quatro in Tungurahua, Ecuador.

But this style has also seeped through the world of home accessories, appliances, and decor. In particular, contemporary silverware and plates have become increasingly popular, mostly thanks to their sleek appearance, durability, and versatility. 

Contemporary Book Covers

Contemporary styles are present in every industry, including design, art, and branding. But, today, this style is also widely used in the creation of book covers. 

Although most of today’s writers and publishers would use a contemporary design on their book covers, often as part of their marketing efforts, this style has also become popular in the redesign of classic book jackets, such as in the case of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels. 

Contemporary Rings -- e.g. Aquamarine

Contemporary design has been redefining the jewelry industry as a whole. From fuelling the popularity of jewelry retail chains to drastically changing the design of everyday accessories, contemporary trends have influenced consumer decisions and encouraged the production of sleek, minimalist, and statement pieces. 

Even more importantly contemporary jewelry designers aim to be reflective of today’s culture and societal attitudes through the combination of alternative materials, techniques, and designs. Examples of this style include elements such as metalsmithing designs, glass details, clay firing, and beadwork, or pieces such as Aquamarine rings of contemporary design.

Contemporary Pens

Another great example of how contemporary styles have been seamlessly adopted by all sectors includes contemporary pens. Although the use of pens has been consistently declining throughout the past two decades, statement pens and collectibles remain as popular as ever. And, often, luxury pens are also considered a status symbol - such as in the case of Montblanc models. 

Today, contemporary designers have changed the design of desktop rollerball pens and collectibles alike by combining modern minimalist lines with the timeless style of fountain pens, and experimenting with different colors, patterns, and materials. 

The examples above are just a small sample of the impact that the advent of contemporary design trends has had on all aspects of our lives.

By Liliana Alvarez

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