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6 Essentials Every Good Recording Studio Needs

Written by:
Allen Brown
Blackbird studio (cover image), Jukka Aalho

If you are planning on creating a home recording studio then you need to make sure that you have the correct gear to make it work. It is not just about the space you record in, it is also about how you use this space. There are endless options for designing the layout for a room but there are only a few essentials you will need.

Here are the 6 essential things that every good recording studio needs. 

     1. Soundproof Room Dividers

Not many people have the privilege of living in a completely noise-free home. Whether you live in a shared room with a roommate, family member, or friend, there are going to be times where you need some peace, quiet, and privacy! One way to achieve this is to install a noise-reducing, acoustical room divider. So if you have a noisy roommate then it is worth checking out the best soundproof room dividers that really work, because there will be a few out there that just do not cut it. If you want to produce great sounds and great music then soundproof room dividers will help you to achieve this. 

     2. A Quality Microphone

One of the most important components of a recording studio is the microphones. You are likely to find more than just one in most studios, but it is more important to have one really good one than a few mediocre ones. The microphone you use will depend on the type of instrument you are intending to record. You can find microphones that are versatile and can be used to record several things, but these tend to be less effective than buying microphones that are designed especially for one instrument. There are plenty of options to choose from and the best way to narrow down your choices is to establish a budget early on. 

     3. A Headphone Set

When it comes to editing tracks and recording vocals, headphones are an essential piece of equipment for your recording studio. There are three types of headphones used in a studio; open, semi-open, and closed.  Closed headphones are designed to prevent sound from seeping out of the headphones and into the microphones. Some people also like to use their headphones for mixing, but that is not very common. It is worth spending a little extra to make sure you are getting a good quality headphone set as this is what you will be using to listen back on your records and you want to make sure that you are listening with good sound quality. That way you will be able to produce the best possible music. 

professional microphone for recording studioimage © Jukka Aalho

     4. A Good Computer

Another important thing to have in your recording studio is access to a good computer. If your computer crashes every 5 minutes this is going to be incredibly frustrating and not very effective for creating music. Whether you opt for a Mac or PC does not matter, so long as you know how to use the operating system you choose, otherwise, you will spend more time trying to work out how to use the computer than time being spent on recording, mixing, and editing. The other thing you need to consider is how much RAM your computer can hold. RAM is where the music will be processed, so the more you have the better.

     5. Reliable Hard Drive

It is crucial that you have a reliable hard drive and this should be separate from your computer’s internal hard drive. The reason for this is that your computer will be working overtime as it is and you do not want to slow things down by saving things on the computer’s drive. This will likely lead to crashing, freezing, and in the worst-case scenario, you risk losing your recordings. Purchasing a dedicated hard drive is the best way to protect your recordings and to keep your computer running smoothly. Also, whatever hard drive you opt for, just make sure that it is compatible with your recording program. 

     6. Digital Audio Workstation

The last essential component your recording studio will need is a digital audio workstation (DAW). This is the software that records, edits, and mixes your sounds and music. You will also need an audio interface to connect your computer with the rest of your tools. Buying these items as a package deal tends to be cheaper, and so it is definitely worth doing, especially if you are working with a tighter budget. 

So if you are thinking of putting together a good quality recording studio then these are the 6 essentials that you need to have in order to get to work. 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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