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Valerie Schweitzer Architects: Inspired in part by the closing of a butterfly’s wings and other organic forms, this 350 square-foot art studio and private office for a family home in Westport, Connecticut, provides a serene refuge.
Project name
Butterfly Studio
Architecture firm
Valerie Schweitzer Architects
Westport, United States
Tom Leighton, Paul Bartholomeuw
If you are planning on creating a home recording studio then you need to make sure that you have the correct gear to make it work. It is not just about the space you record in, it is also about how you use this space.
Written by
Allen Brown
Blackbird studio (cover image), Jukka Aalho
On the Hembrug terrain in Zaandam, an area of 42,5 hectares, a monumental industrial site has been transformed by Studio Modijefsky into the home and studio of an artist couple. The studio has joined forces with the client’s atelier, Studio Molen, for the design and realization of bronze details and custom light elements; this collaboration resulte...
Project name
Interior design
Studio Modijefsky
Zaandam, The Netherlands
Maarten Willemstein