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7 Small-Space Scandinavian Interior Design Tricks

Written by:
Maria Brendel
Scandinavian shade of white by A+ studio

Scandinavians have a characteristic minimalist style that never fails to impress interior designers. That kind of aesthetic looks great and feels incredibly cozy, no matter how small the room that you decide to implement it in is.

If you live in a small flat, you can make use of a few Scandinavian design tricks to make the most of it and make it look as inviting as possible! For instance, bookcases can make for a great decoration for your small space, as well as serve as a storage space for a number of things other than books, ranging from collectibles to picture frames.

Other than that, you can go for natural colors, such as white, cream, and grey, as such colors are guaranteed to make any room feel more spacious and airy. Would you like to learn more about Scandinavian interior design tricks? If so, keep reading!

Go for Bright Colors

White is the ultimate color for interior designers, as it can make a room feel much bigger than it really is. However, it is not the only color that you can make use of! In fact, you have plenty of other bright colors that you can choose from, including pale blue and light green. On the other hand, you should steer clear of dark colors, such as black and brown. The darker the color of the walls is, the smaller the room will feel.

Use Mirrored Furniture

What about using mirrored furniture? Such furniture can make small spaces look larger by reflecting light and adding visual depth, particularly if you opt for pieces that are high-quality. Unfortunately, mirrored furniture might not be the right choice for beginner interior designers, as it makes styling a room really challenging. However, if you don’t want to go that far, implementing white gloss furniture for your home is going to be far easier.

Decorate With Greenery

Greenery in a small space instantly makes it feel larger and livelier. Ideally, you should go for potted plants that are easy to maintain, such as cacti. In order to make the plants look better, you can put each plant in a unique ornamental pot. In addition to that, you should put the plants in each room of your house, ranging from the kitchen to the living room. It will really add to your house’s look and feel!

Focus on Lighting

Many people forget about lighting when decorating and stick to just a few light fixtures. However, it is a big mistake, as you need multiple light fixtures to create balance and make your house feel cozier. There are a bunch of different light fixtures that you can put in your house, ranging from floor lamps and ceiling lights to chandeliers.

Try a Tall Mirror

Did you know that a tall mirror placed close to a window will reflect natural light into the room, making it feel more spacious? In addition to that, if you opt for a luxurious mirror, you can turn it into the focal point of your living space. However, such mirrors might be hard to come by in regular furniture stores. You should head to your closest antique store instead!

Pay Attention to Flooring

Hardwood floors are a staple of Scandinavian interior design. For starters, such floors are stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it is easy to match such a floor to different color combinations and decorative items, which makes it a great choice for people who are keen on experimenting with interior design. It might be expensive, but it is definitely worth the money!

Use Natural Materials

Lastly, it is worth noting that Scandinavians seem to have a particular affinity for natural materials, such as rattan and wicker. Scandinavian interior designers like incorporating pieces of furniture featuring such materials, as well as decorative items like baskets and planters, which can help break up the monotony of white walls and wooden floors. You can always throw in a rug made out of soft and colorful fabric to compliment the entire room, particularly if you are going for a more traditional Scandinavian design.

In Conclusion

To sum up, Scandinavian interior design is about simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. If you like the idea of it but do not know where to start, the small-space design tricks listed here should help you create a cozy and inviting living space in no time!

Before you get to work, you should determine what your budget is and write down what you would like to change about your living space. Next, you can shop around and look for sales. Buying used furniture is a viable option, too!

If you feel like your interior design skills are lacking and do not want to end up making purchases that you will not feel satisfied with, think about hiring a professional interior designer to take care of it for you. It will not be cheap, but it will make the entire process less stressful and time-consuming!

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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