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Breac.House: Where Nature And Luxury Intersect

Written by:
Paul Muckian, Al Higgins, Courtesy of Breac House

A sea-facing design retreat of hand-loomed tweeds and crafted furnishings set along the white-beached and speckled wilderness of the Horn Head Peninsula.

Breac. House –a member of THE AFICIONADOS– is an eco-design guesthouse filled with locally crafted elements and a sustainable ethos. Situated a short drive north from the small coastal town of Dunfanaghy, with its white sandy beaches, Breac.House is secluded within the Horn Head Peninsula, Ireland, overlooking Sheephaven Bay and the Muckish mountain. Designed to blend with its surroundings, the house, created by local architects MacGabhann, allows County Donegal’s mountainous yet green Irish landscape to enter through numerous windows and terraces, while also providing introspective spaces such as the tranquil library and lounge with fireplace, where Donegal craftsmen meticulously attended to the finish of every nook and detail.

Beach, mountain, lake, and sea are all accessible from this luxurious countryside retreat. The area can be explored on foot, by bike, or on horseback to experience this unique landscape up close. Swimming or surfing in the waves of the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean is an option. Breac.House offers an indulgent hot seaweed bath and crackling fire, or a 5 pm drink and a relaxing board game upon return. Witnessing the sky changing colors with the seasons and feeling intimately close to the stars is a unique experience. Up here, the atmosphere is different.

The four rooms at Breac.House are named to reflect the sensory experiences guests encounter at Horn Head. Dulse refers to the seaweed on the beach, in the hot baths, and in the scones served here with smoked salmon. A seaweed print adorns the lounge as well. The second room is named after the gorse flowers that flourish in springtime. Their petals are used in various sweet treats and syrups. The third room is named Turf after the inescapable smell of turf fires in Donegal, also used to smoke the salmon.

Each room, like the rest of the house, is furnished as much as possible with locally crafted furniture and features native materials such as Fanad granite and Ardara Quartzite from a South Donegal quarry. Additionally, you’ll find a wonderful handwoven tweed throw made by local artisan Eddie Doherty. But don’t forget to look outside – every room boasts panoramic views thanks to private outdoor spaces that connect with the rugged outdoors.

The breakfast experience at Breac.House is delivered in a self-effacing manner that aligns with the serenity of the house’s location. Served through a hatch directly to your bedroom, in beautiful clay pottery by Muck ‘n’ Muffins, your morning nourishment is wholesome for the body and soul. Depending on the season, there may be slight variations, but the foundation remains consistent: home-made bread, pastries, butter, yogurt, locally sourced organic salmon, and fruit. For lunch, Breac.House offers a homemade picnic package. After a day of exploration, guests can enjoy the 5pm cocktail hour in the lounge or in the privacy of their room.


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By Liliana Alvarez

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