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Choose the Perfect Lighting for Bathroom Renovation for a Stylish Look!

Written by:
Sujain Thomas

While renovating the bathroom, it is essential to consider interior lighting. Lighting is the key element that can break or make the renovation successful. Be it a small, cramp-sized space, lighting can transform it into a unique and luxurious bathroom.

It would help if you did not compromise with bathroom lighting at any cost. Also, it can be helpful to go through the translation from day to night without banging your head on the door. Here's what the designers suggest for the easiest and budget-friendly upgrade for your bathroom. 

How should you plan the bathroom lighting?

   - First, consider natural, readily available lighting, which can transform a small space into a larger one.

   - If the bathroom does not have a window, consider a brighter overhead light. If it has a decent-sized window, users need task and accent lighting.

   - When lighting a bathroom, the good rule of thumb is to aim for around 50 lumens per square foot, which perfectly mimics daylight (you have to increase the lumens based on the square footage).

   - Consider the most essential part of the bathroom where you keep most of the stuff.

   - Additional lighting for the shower or bath would illuminate the nooks and corners.

   - You can add a bit of personality and warmth by adding a light of your choice.

Different types of lighting you should choose 

Here is a list of different types of lighting that you can consider as a combination to renovate the bathroom. 

Task lighting

Task lighting is most common in every bathroom. It is focused on illuminating the specific areas where most tasks are done. With the help of a bathroom remodel contractor in NYC, you can install this lighting to see the vanity clearly or while shaving.

Vanity lighting

You must consider the size of your vanity and how much natural light it receives before purchasing vanity lighting. If the vanity is next to the window, get a 45-watt bulb and fixtures; otherwise, opt for sconces to get light without unflattering shadows.

Shower lighting

If you have a walk-in shower with a door, plan for shower lighting to help install a damp-rated or moisture-rated fixture. It would help if you decided whether the water would directly hit the light or if it would be exposed to humidity. Based on that, pick recessed lighting, which comes in many styles.

Ambient lighting

This is standard lighting that helps to illuminate the entire space. It is considered so that you can move around freely and safely. It should be adjusted so that all four-bathroom corners are lit. 

Accent lighting

You can also consider accent lighting to add a certain feel to the bathroom. It highlights specific corners but won't light up the entire bathroom. If you love experiments, then take this opportunity to showcase any architectural feature or a built-in bathroom cabinet. 

Summing it up

When renovating a space, you will find multiple options for bathroom lighting fixtures, but you must consider your bathroom space, style, and color. If you need clarification, always stick to standard designs, and if necessary, take suggestions from zicklincontracting.com to create a seamless look.

By Liliana Alvarez

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