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Eco-Friendly Ideas For Outdoor Design UK

Written by:
Henry C.
Bahman Behzadi

If you are eco-conscious, there are several eco-friendly ways to design your outdoor living space. 

Whether it’s summer or winter in the UK, you can customise your home’s exterior exclusively to your taste and maintain an appealing and stunning outdoor space.

As your home’s exterior will most likely be the centre of attention for entertainment, family gatherings and will also be the ideal spot for your relaxation, it is necessary to put concerted efforts into designing it.

You can add new features, colour, textures, furniture and create more magic while being earth-friendly.

Let us look at eco-friendly ideas for your outdoor design, especially in a place rich in taste and tradition like the UK.

Use Composite Materials

One of the most eco-friendly ways you can design your outdoor is by using composite materials. 

As they are made from recycled plastic, wood fibre and rice straws, they are part of the many ways materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill are being used.

As opposed to traditional wood, which spells deforestation, you will be fulfilling a commitment to your environment.

You can use composite materials for a number of things in your outdoor living space.

For instance, composite decking boards are great for your garden, patios and courtyard. You can also use wood composite to fence your garden or your entire house. 

Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also have a longer lifespan than most materials used for fencing and flooring. 

A composite fence could last you up to 50 years, while you can get 25 years from composite decking.

They also require little in the way of upkeep and generally need a simple wash with water to keep them shining and fresh. You also do not have to worry about rot, insect, mould and fade. 

With UV protection to withstand sunlight and a tough structure that holds well against other elements, you can never go wrong with composite materials. 

Choose Sustainable Furniture

Selecting the appropriate furniture is essential to your outdoor design. When choosing furniture, you will consider what suits your comfort and enjoyment.

Eco-friendly furniture may seem expensive, but they are worth it in the long run. Their sustainability and durability, and immense aesthetic appeal are why they are becoming a popular choice among many homeowners.

Some of the most popular choices for sustainable furniture is teak and eucalyptus wood. 

Teak furniture has premium durability and is built to last, so you won't need to replace or discard them every few years.

Also, teak is grown without heavy irrigation and artificial fertilisers, making it an eco-friendly choice for your outdoor design. 

In fact, leftovers from teak production can either be returned to the earth or recycled without damaging the environment.

Eucalyptus is another affordable alternative if you cannot spend too much but want similar benefits to teak. 

The most important thing here is ensuring the furniture you choose was grown and harvested in an eco-friendly way.

Consider Eco-Friendly Rugs for your Patio

There are loads of environment-friendly options for rugs that you can use for your outdoor design. 

You can consider bamboo silk rugs, seagrass, cotton yarns, sisal, and recycled plastic, among many others.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting like Solar Panels

Although installing high power solar panels at once may be difficult, you can begin with small changes. For example, consider using solar-powered night lights in your garden or patio.

Another energy-efficient way is to invest in motion-detecting systems for your porch. 

These technologies are built such that the lights turn on automatically whenever the sensor identifies movement, helping you save electricity. 

There are several brands in the UK that you can consult if you are interested in eco-friendly lighting for your outdoor or indoor living space.


A garden in your outdoor living area is great for curb appeal, and yes, you guessed right, it is also eco-friendly. You can make it even more environmental-conscious by planting native species of plants.

They require less maintenance and watering, meaning you will lower your water use and costs. Also, consider creating a pesticide-free and healthy environment by growing veggies and fruits.

Clean with Organic Methods

After you design your outdoor living area with eco-friendly ideas, you can also be eco-conscious when maintaining it.

Instead of being harsh on the environment by using chemicals, choose natural products to clean. Substances like lemon juice and vinegar are available in most stores in the UK.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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