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How to improve your home lighting

Written by:
Rameena Yameen
Skye Studios, bazz.ca

A home lighting layout is undoubtedly an afterthought in the general scenario. The lesser known fact hatch is undoubtedly true in most cases when it comes to interiors is the right lighting layout. It makes all the difference globally, and choosing the right kind of fixtures substantially improves the home lighting layout.

This is easier said than done, but implementing a specific lighting layout from scratch or remodelling your house has few factors to consider. Nevertheless, a few attributed home lighting fixtures provide the perfect level of illumination and complement the decor of each room quite comprehensively.

First, one must keep a few elements in mind, such as the decorative and functional aspects of the light fixtures and how can you implement them according to your decor's theme.

Types of lighting

Studying the layout and decor carefully helps determine the type of lighting that enhances the room's detailing and general aspects. It's an art in itself.

The lighting layout can be implemented in three different ways:

General Lighting

A general lighting layout fills the entire room with light for ambience, visibility and safety. It is mostly done with ceiling light fixtures.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting or popularly known as focal lighting, highlights certain features of the room such as a corner, a wall or an area assigned for decorative pieces in the room.

Task lighting

Task lights or assistive lights mainly focus the light in an area dedicated to carrying out tasks. This could be a study area in a room or countertops in kitchens.


pendant lights above table

Layering is an essential part of interior lighting. These layers can be achieved by installing certain light fixtures, which also add a decorative touch to home interiors.

The different lighting fixtures can be categorized as:


●   Decorative lights


Chandeliers are decorative light fixtures that suspend from the ceiling and direct light upwards and in the surroundings. They are overhead lighting fixtures, available in various shapes and sizes and as fancy as it gets. These light fixtures are for ambient lighting and mainly for decorative reasons. Chandeliers are most commonly used in dining halls, lounges, hallways, and expansive indoor areas.


Pendants are much like chandeliers but extensively used in all areas where layering can be done without adding many fancy layers. They suspend from the ceiling and direct the light downwards, typically over a countertop or any surface. Pendants are for both ambient and task lighting.

Wall sconces

Wall scones are architectural lights for ambient lighting, which add a decorative touch to the house interior; they are mainly installed on the walls' surface and direct the light upwards or downwards. Wall scones are available in a variety of designs and are for both ambient and accent lighting.

under cabinet lights

●   Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are for general lighting, but their functional aspects make them quite versatile in adding a decorative touch. Most ceiling lights are designed to aim light in a particular direction or in a certain way.

LED pot-lights

LED pot lights or LED recessed lights are discreet light fixtures that recess into the ceiling. The only visible feature is the light coming from the fixtures. The light recess's housing into the top and the outermost trim directs the light from the room's fixture. Highly versatile, these lights provide all three layers of light just as efficiently. The trim, which is also the only visible part of the light fixture, flushes with the ceiling and directs or focuses light according to the trim's cut.

LED panel lights

Although commercially approved fixtures, LED panels still have the knack to be of use in home interiors. The panels can be surface mounted, or they recess into the ceiling. LED panels to have a modern, super sleek profile, which makes them highly versatile and durable light fixtures. These slim panels are a stable, efficient and perfect fit for general as well as accent lighting.

kitchen with ceiling lighting



Considerably, all these fixtures generally are the popular choice of fixtures for home lighting layout. When implementing a specific design, it is necessary to note the aesthetics, size, and layout of the room and which light fixture is the perfect fit for the scenery of any room, be it a bedroom, living room kitchen, or hallways. The best bet is to start with the room's design and furniture layout. Most lighting architects recommend LED pot lights/LED recessed lights for ambient and architectural lighting layout in homes because they are highly efficient and versatile.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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