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Important Characteristics Of A Scandinavian Interior Design

Written by:
Alfie Frenilla
Milan Stevanovic (A+ studio)

Scandinavia, a sub-region of various countries in northern Europe, shares its culture and history with neighboring areas. However, when it comes to its artistic distinction, it stands out with its appealing cultural and environmental aspects.

Here, we talk about the characteristics of Scandinavian interior design and how it manages to influence corporate moguls around the world.

Culture and Tradition Through Landscapes

Preserving one's own culture and tradition is done in many different ways. Scandinavia does so with its sophisticated interior design that manages to appeal to the masses aesthetically. Besides that, one of their greatest exports is the inspiration of their captivating interior design loved by many worldwide.

The Nordic areas in Europe are mostly filled with an extreme variety of landscapes. Still, they have light and neutral coloring and dark hues in common, which indicates the mesmerizing Nordic landscapes.

Simple Design Elements

Extravagance and luxurious style is not always the best choice for everyone. With the design elements of Scandinavian interior design, their focus is on simplicity and craftsmanship. Their modern design complements various styles or designs without completely diminishing their style. They maintain this by emphasizing bright and neutral coloring, wide spacing, and simplistic furniture for coziness and an inviting feeling.

Design element not only applies to an artwork, but it also heavily applies to interior design. Features require the correct mixture and combination of different aspects such as coloring, hue, texture, size, convenience, and many more. For that reason, the Scandinavian interior design is mainly utilized in homes because of its initial principle of simplicity and peace emanating surroundings.

Scandinavian Interior Designimage © Milan Stevanovic (A+ studio)

Usage of Crafted Natural Materials

Choosing furniture in a room must have deliberate and careful planning because the pieces reflect a building's overall design and convenience. With Scandinavian interior design, simply adding furniture to fill up the empty space will only stray from its original aesthetic purpose.

Nowadays, contemporary design is guaranteed to be brimming with manufactured or artificial interiors for convenience and aesthetics. However, despite the common preference in the modern world, the Scandinavian interior design still embraces tradition by using natural materials to craft their works. Though interior design is an ever-changing art for homes, Scandinavian interior design is timeless because of its use of natural materials and how the style fits in with different designs with its simplistic colors and texture.

Light Coloring

Though coloring is just a part of every design, this aspect stands out in Scandinavia because of its captivation of people who don't know much about interior design.

Their coloring alone, emphasizing lightness, reflects the Scandinavian landscapes. A home is something that welcomes you warmly from your tiring and life-draining daily endeavors. Additionally, colors evoke different emotions within a person. However, because of its dark hue and neutral coloring surrounding the room, entering the room with such shades will make you feel welcomed and peaceful.

These characteristics of Scandinavian interior design greatly define their distinction from other themes. Furthermore, you can acquire all this and more substantial information within the by getting a diploma in interior designing, both online and in person. Therefore, completing this program will improve your home designing skills and equip you with expertise translating into other essential aspects of your life.

By Liliana Alvarez

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