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Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces: Furniture and Design Ideas

Written by:
Bazoom Publications
Marzenna Gaines

Private outdoor spaces are an essential means to escape the tumult of everyday life. However, particularly in urban contexts, many homeowners lack an expansive backyard or garden. Ergo, maximizing limited space can be an effective approach to creating a harmonious outdoor sanctuary at home. A key measure is to select furniture pieces and accommodate design ideas that can help to create a practical yet aesthetically pleasing environment. Using a build with ferguson discount code can mitigate much of the cost of remodeling, offering discounts on furniture such as outdoor chairs, tables and benches.

Making the most of a small patio with multifunctional furniture

To maximize the potential of a small outdoor space, multifunctional furniture is a discerning choice. For example, a patio Ottoman or a bench with integrated storage can be used as additional seating while storing cushions and blankets. A coffee table with in-built shelves or drawers can be useful to create efficient order with books and magazines. If you are searching for something more versatile, consider investing in furniture that can easily transform from one thing into another – such as a daybed that transforms into a sofa or an armchair that doubles as a chaise lounge. Lastly, always carefully consider the importance of color – for example, by selecting pieces with lighter shades to instil an exansive, brighter feel to your outdoor area.

Clever design tips for a tiny outdoor space

To make the most out of a tiny patio or balcony, clever design solutions can be inexpensive yet highly effective. For example, this can include a smaller lawn, installing a rock garden, an outdoor lounge or kitchen, or constructing a small sunroom. Ultimately, creating an outdoor living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing will yield the most practical results. Furthermore, it is recommended to choose furniture pieces that are lightweight and easy to reposition - such as folding chairs and tables. If possible, incorporate some vertical elements into your design; for example, hang planters from the ceiling or walls to create a lush green backdrop. Wall-mounted shelves could also be installed for extra storage space that maximizes floor area. Lastly, appropriate lighting can be an effective means of establishing mood and atmosphere. For example, coloured string lights are an excellent method of adding ambiance and warmth to any small outdoor space, while spotlights can lend an element of class to spring or summer evenings.

By Liliana Alvarez

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