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Most Unique Accent Pieces You Should Consider For Your Home

Written by:
Allen Brown
Ingo Joseph (cover image), Nugroho Wahyu

Trying to set up your home does not just mean picking out random pieces of furniture and calling it a day. If you want your home to be welcoming, personalized, and feel like an actual home rather than a place you stay at, then you should seriously consider decorating it properly. Decorations do not have to be tacky or plentiful; you can level up a room by adding an accent piece or two. No matter which room you want to upgrade, there are different options to look for. The following ideas will give you some inspiration.

1. Wall Art

People are often concerned with buying different furniture pieces and forget that they have empty walls that will make a room look plain. Having an art piece hanging on your wall is not only a great conversation starter when you have people over, but it can tie a room together.  If you’re looking for something special that not everyone has, you can get a tapestry or even hang up decorative plates. You can buy a painting of something you love, or you can hang up different framed pictures to add a more personalized feel to rooms around your home.

2. Wood Tables

Tables can be great accent pieces in any room. You can get a set of side tables or you can add one great coffee table that adds to the overall décor of your home. Now, there are various designers who incorporate unique pieces of wood that make your home more natural looking while still maintaining a great aesthetic. Designers get unique pieces of wood and create tables using minimal material, making the wood the focal point of the table, which increases the appeal of the tables as accent pieces for any home. The best thing is each table has its own look which means no one can get the same table as you.

3. Planter Sets

Indoor plants can be great accent pieces for your rooms. You can get ceramic planters or you can find ones with intricate designs to add some complexity to the room you are trying to liven up. If you do not have the time to care for plants, you can find ones requiring minimal care, or you can get dried arrangements that look good and do not need any upkeep. Adding some color to your home through elements such as plants can elevate the feeling of any room.

4. Throw Rugs

Throw rugs provide more than simple décor. They are very functional especially if you have a small space and you do not want to have carpets that make rooms seem even smaller than they are. Throw rugs can tie together different elements in a room and even provide some warmth during winter since your floors are going to be covered. You can add a couple of rugs in a room if it is big, or only one main rug as an accent piece in rooms such as your bedroom since there are other pieces of furniture taking up plenty of space.

5. Cushions

Decorative cushions can elevate the look of a couch or chair to a whole new level. Getting furniture that is one color can make your home look kind of plain. To add some life to the place, you should get some unique cushions with different patterns on them. Cushions can change the entire vibe of the place. You will feel like it is a completely different place just by adding a couple of pillows and cushions that have pops of color.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors can be considered a type of wall art, but they deserve their own listing because they are more than just a pretty piece to hang up. Mirrors actually give the illusion that a place is much bigger than it is. If you have a small home, then mirrors are going to be your new best friend. You can add different sizes of mirrors all around or you can get a big accent mirror that gives the feeling that you have much more space. Either way, mirrors are great accessories to complement your home design.

mirror with wooden framesimage © Nugroho Wahyu

7. Glass Sculptures

Glass sculptures are quite sophisticated accent décor that you can place on shelves, tables, or countertops to add depth to a room. You can go as small or as big as you want with your chosen sculptures. You can place them on tables to accentuate the other décor you have, or you can have a larger sculpture acting as a centerpiece for your room of choice. To make your glass sculptures pop out, even more, make sure that they are placed where light can go through them. 

Now that you have seven different ideas for accent pieces, you just have to find something that suits your design of choice. Your options will change depending on whether you are looking for a more modern look or you want to go with a certain theme for each room. Whichever accent pieces you end up choosing, make sure that you place them correctly for maximum effect.

By Liliana Alvarez

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