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Property purchase benefits in Spain

Written by:
Elizabeth Mickhaylova
Aleksandar Pasaric

Endless sandy beaches, clear sea, excellent climate, and excellent infrastructure make real estate in Spain attractive. Apartments to buy in Spain with a sea view is very profitable because you can always rent out a house and get a stable income.

Purchase benefits

Do you dream of living near the Mediterranean Sea so that you can enjoy the bright sun, swim and sunbathe all year round? Do you want to buy a townhouse in Spain, but you are afraid of delays in paperwork? Are you looking for an apartment in a resort town that would not fall in price and could be rented out all year round?

There are many reasons to buy an apartment in Spain:

- mild climate - it is difficult to find a sunnier place than the Mediterranean coast. There is no cold weather here, the sun shines 300 days a year, and the temperature rarely drops below +15°C;

- magnificent sandy beaches - all the beaches in Spain are sandy, and the sand is white or golden on most coasts. In some places, the sea is very warm and shallow, which is very attractive for tourists with small children;

- developed tourist infrastructure - you can buy a house in Spain cheaply and rent it out all year round because every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this country, and they all want to relax in comfort;

- low cost of living - living in cities located on the Costa Blanca costs on average one and a half times cheaper than living in Barcelona, so you can not only enjoy the sea but also save money;

- loyal conditions - citizens of other countries who own Spanish real estate can apply for a residence permit or receive an annual visa that allows them to freely move around the Schengen area;

- increased demand for property in Spain - every year, more and more foreign buyers want to buy property in this country. Therefore, those people who managed to buy a cheap apartment in Spain today can sell it profitably soon.

Mortgage lending for the purchase of an apartment in Spain from Spanish banks

Favorable terms of mortgage loans at only 3.2% per annum making it easy to buy an apartment in Spain and settle in the country of marine pioneers with a rich culture and world history of the conquistadors.

     - Mortgage terms reach 25 years;

     - The loan amount for the purchase of residential real estate reaches 70% of the value of the object;

     - The lending system creates favorable conditions for mortgage loans.

Buying an apartment in Spain by the sea: popular regions

Many people today dream of buying an apartment in Spain on the coast inexpensively. The most popular is real estate in places such as:

     - Costa Blanca;

     - Costa del Sol;

     - Costa Brava;

     - Costa Dorada;

     - Balearic and Canary Islands, etc.

The choice of apartments in Spain on the seashore is quite wide, so each buyer finds "his" option.

Professional assistance in finding and purchasing housing

Those who want to buy real estate with a sea view at a good price in Spain should understand that doing it on their own is extremely difficult. Ignorance of local laws and language, poor understanding of the value of housing in a particular area, and other factors are poor helpers in choosing a house or apartment. Real estate in Spain without intermediaries can cost less, but ignorance of the intricacies of paperwork is a high risk for the future homeowner. Therefore, Spain-Real.Estate offers its services in this difficult matter.

The clients, current and future, benefit from cooperation and receive the following assistance when buying property in Spain:

- selection of homeownership based on personal preferences. Specialists will find an apartment in a certain area, with or without a sea view, with the declared number of rooms, secondary apartments, a cottage from the developer, focusing on any other parameters;

- you are counting on a certain amount, and the agency will do everything necessary to find the best possible option. Even if you are looking for the cheapest accommodation in Spain, the agency can find an apartment for you on the coast;

- you are given only verified information. Everything fully corresponds to the description provided by real estate website in Spain, and no unpleasant surprises await you.

Quality and affordable real estate in Spain is not an advertising slogan but a reality you can get with this help.

By Liliana Alvarez

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