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Tips to Keep a Smarter, Tidier Kitchen

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez

Does it feel like there's a lot of clutter in your kitchen and yet all of those items are essential? Maybe you just want a kitchen that's more organized and that always looks neat and clean. If that's the case, and check out these tips that will help you use your space better and keep the kitchen looking tidier.

Use Cupboard Doors for Storage

One of the neatest little updates I've seen done to modern kitchens is adding storage racks on the inside of covered doors. You probably have a little space between the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors and the cupboard shelves. You can take those cupboards that are up high and down low and install small racks on the inside of the doors. These racks can hold towels, cutting boards, large utensils, spices, and much more. They're very quick to install too, as you just need to drill a few holes and put the screws in to secure the shelves. Then, once you close the doors, the racks and what you've stored on them are invisible until you open the cupboards and need access to them. You can take a lot of those things that are making your kitchen look untidy and store them in these cupboard racks.

Hide the Trash Can

This is another tip that involves hiding something where it's not easily visible. If you have a freestanding trash can in your kitchen, it doesn't just take up space, but it can also look untidy. It's tough to keep a trash can looking clean and sanitary all the time, but if it's out of sight, then that's not such an issue. You may have space to store your trash can under an island or inside a cupboard, though it may require hollowing out a space or removing some shelves. However, this frees up some extra space in the kitchen and definitely makes for a tidier looking room.

Add a Utensil Organizer

Is your silverware drawer full of forks, spoons, and knives that are all mixed up with each other? Do you have to sift through a bunch of silverware to find the utensils you need for each meal? Try adding a utensil organizer to the drawer that divides up space for each of these items and keeps them neatly arranged so that they look orderly and are easy to find.

You can do this with large and utensils as well, like serving spoons, spatulas, and others. There are drawer organizers available for whatever you're storing in your kitchen, and you can find ones that are the right size for your drawers and the utensils you're separating. That way, you'll spend a lot less time looking for what you need. 

Add Shelves

A lot of those items that are sitting on your kitchen counters or clogging up your pantry can be placed on shelves around the kitchen. You can install shelves at head level or slightly higher in the free space at the top of your kitchen. This clears off space in your work areas and helps to tidy up busy, stuffed cupboards and racks. Adding more shelves creates a ton of extra storage space without making the kitchen look crowded or untidy. 

Decide What You Can Do Without

Maybe your tidiness problem in the kitchen boils down to you just having too much stuff. It’s worthwhile to consider what you could get rid of or move into storage. After all, when was that last time you used that canning machine or the easy-cleaning juicer? How about the blender or the sandwich maker? Maybe you could do without some of them or just put them out of the way for those rare occasions when they come in handy. You can clear a lot for extra space in drawers or on the counter by doing that, and you will have a kitchen that is stocked with just the essentials.

With that thought in mind, it may be time to say goodbye to some of your cookbooks. How often do you even use them, especially in an age where most people find their recipes online? You may want to keep one cookbook handy and then give the rest away. If you give them to family or friends, you may be able to borrow them back when necessary.

Hang the Pot Lids

What is one kitchen item that always seems to be in the way when you are trying to cook? I think most people would answer that question with “pot lids”, and I know my answer would have been the same. That was before I installed some racks to hold the pot lids, which keeps them out of the way and makes them easy to find. Instead of making a bunch of clatter searching for the right lid or trying to move the lids out of the way to get a certain pot, I just store them on a rack inside my cupboard, and you can do the same. 

You can set up pot lid racks on the wall or on the side of a cabinet as well, just so they are out of the way and not hindering you from finding the pots and pans you need as you cook. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Do you often see your kitchen in need of cleaning but feel like you can’t keep up with the work? Hiring a cleaning service may help you get that under control, but how do you keep it looking tidy on your own? Amanda of NewYorkCityHouseCleaners adds “You may want to try making a schedule to clean your kitchen, setting a time for each task to be done”.

For instance, you can determine to clean up dishes right after each meal. You can wipe down counters after you are done cooking to keep them looking tidy. As for the floors you probably want to sweep them every day. Then, you can set some cleaning tasks for once a week, and with a schedule like this, you should be able to stay on top of what needs to be done in the kitchen. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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