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Why are people getting younger after moving to live in Thailand?

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Elizabeth Mickhaylova
Evan Krause

Loyal cost of apartments in Thailand and its authentic appearance attract people all over the world. Holidays in Thailand are snow-white beaches, low prices and exotic. This country is also famous for its excellent climate, which has a positive effect on health. No wonder there are many long-livers among Thais. Another reason for popularity is the country itself and the atmosphere it gives. What happens to people who move to Thailand?

Longevity secret of Thais has become known to Europeans

Pure white sand, reasonable prices, incredible impressions – such associations may arise to the definition of «moving to Thailand». In addition, the local nature and climate in general favorably affect the general human condition. This is the reason why a large number of residents over 60 years old live in Thailand with excellent health and lack of health complaints. Emigrants who decided to move at a respectable age also note an improvement in their well-being. Massage is a way of life in Thailand. They are as much a part of the culture as elephants and Thai cuisine. The art of Thai massage has also existed for thousands of years. Even in areas throughout the capital and the rest of Thailand where tourists very rarely set foot, you will still see massage parlors full of locals. The benefits of massage are obvious from the point of view of relaxation. But another advantage is that they can also make our body's lymphatic systems move more efficiently, which in turn helps our immune system. Conditions - that's what plays a role. Air, useful vitamins that are contained in local fruits and Thai medicine, including non-traditional.

Life in Thailand is the way to feel good

The reason for the good health of local residents is a comfortable climate: at a minimum, sea air has the most beneficial effect on human health. What is it useful for? First of all, such air helps to fight stress, soothes, gives a good sleep, strengthens the immune system. It is useful for allergy sufferers. 

Sea water has an interesting effect on the skin. Many visitors note that during a vacation in Thailand, the skin becomes more elastic. There is an improvement in the elasticity of the skin, it is moisturized and saturated with useful vitamins and minerals, fine facial wrinkles are smoothed, the person seems to be getting younger. 

Increased air humidity and sea water help fight chronic rhinitis. Tourists note that blood pressure returns to normal during their stay in Thailand. Another interesting fact is the absence of migraines. Life in Thailand allows you to immerse yourself in a state of peace of mind and body, which in turn helps to let go of anxiety and stress.

All of the above reasons suggest that in Thailand you can not only relax during your vacation, but also feel good and live comfortably on a permanent basis. The human body will be enriched with vitamin D, since there are much more sunny days here. Other useful substances and trace elements can be obtained thanks to seafood and fresh fruits.

What is happiness and where does it hide? To answer this question, come on vacation to Thailand. You will be amazed by the constantly smiling Thais. It seems that they all feel quite satisfied with life and completely happy. Despite the fact that a huge difference in the property status of the inhabitants of the country immediately catches the eye. Thais live in Thailand either fabulously rich or completely poor - there is practically no middle class. But with all this, there is a feeling that the poorest Thais in the country feel calmer and happier than the well-to-do. They have practically no material benefits, but after all, they have learned to be content with a minimum, and this is enough for them to be completely happy.

Even in tourist places in Thailand, the hostile attitudes of some Thais towards foreigners do not prevent them from smiling!

Do not worry about the social sphere, because the infrastructure of such destinations as Pattaya or Phuket, is well developed. The real estate market in Thailand is rich in offers for the purchase of any type of real estate according to your requests.

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By Liliana Alvarez

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