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Why Plastic Furniture Is Ideal for Outdoor Patios

Written by:
Shea Rumoro
Souranshi Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine

Are you in the market for some new patio furniture? There are many choices out there, but if you ask us, plastic furniture is the ideal choice for outdoor patios. We explain the many benefits of poly lumber furniture below.


The first reason for choosing plastic furniture over other materials is its durability. Poly lumber is more durable than wood because it’s made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is inherently waterproof and insect-proof.

With plastic furniture, there’s no worry that the next rainstorm could cause your outdoor furniture to rot or rust or that termites might eat away at its structural integrity, making it the ideal choice for outdoor patios. Plus, since it’s much denser and harder than wood, it won’t splinter or crack after years of use like wood might.

Lasts a Lifetime

Since poly furniture is much more durable than natural wood and won’t rust like cast iron furniture, it also has a much longer lifespan. Most plastic lumber and furniture come with a warranty of at least 25 years, and some up to 50 years!

So, while poly lumber furniture may initially cost more, the long-term value of having furniture that’ll last for the rest of your life is priceless. Plastic furniture will likely be the last outdoor patio furniture you ever have to buy for your home!

Maintenance Free

One of the reasons that many homeowners love plastic furniture is that it requires little to no maintenance. Patio furniture made of natural wood must be diligently stained and chemically treated to keep water and insects out, and homeowners must do this repeatedly over the furniture’s lifespan.

You also need to pressure wash wood furniture to remove the mold, dirt, and grime that accumulates on the wood after many years outdoors. On the other hand, plastic furniture doesn’t need any chemical treatments or stains—only the occasional wash and rinse, nothing else!

Environmentally Friendly

Another reason many homeowners enjoy plastic furniture is that it’s more eco-conscious than other patio furniture materials. Some may think that natural wood is an organic and therefore greener choice, but poly furniture helps the environment because it’s made from recycled plastics like:

     Milk jugs

     Water bottles

     Laundry detergent bottles

     Shampoo and conditioner bottles

All these plastics would instead sit forever in overcrowded landfills. Instead, poly furniture uses them to create durable furniture while preserving our forests, a win-win for conservationists!

When shopping for outdoor patio furniture for your home, skip the wood and cast-iron models for a poly lumber table or seating that’s durable, environmentally friendly, and will last for decades.

By Liliana Alvarez

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