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Wicker House, Shahrkoola Village, Iran by Pedram Shaygan

Project name:
Wicker House
Architecture firm:
Shaygan Gostar Architectural Group
Shahrkoola Village, Nur, Mazandaran, Iran
Parham Taghioff
Principal architect:
Pedram Shaygan
Design team:
Pedram Shaygan
Ata Alla
Interior design:
Pedram Shaygan
Built area:
50 m²
Site area:
Design year:
2020/04/03 – 2020/05/14
Completion year:
2020/05/21 – 2020/11/10
Civil engineer:
Iman Ebrahimi
Structural engineer:
Pedram Shaygan
Environmental & MEP:
Mohamadreza Shaygan
Pedram Shaygan
Mohamadreza Shaygan
Pedram Shaygan, Ata Alla
Faeze Hosseinpoor
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D
Pedram Shaygan
Bulrush, Metal, Thatch, Wood, Glass
Budget: IRR
Omid Shaygan
Residential › House

Pedram Shaygan: Mazandaran local architecture at Northern district of Iran which has been affected by climate conditions has evolved and developed over time. Local architecture originates at districts where villagers settled. This architecture regarding the structure was completely dependent on the nature - that is to say, for construction of a building, all the components of the architecture natively have been prepared from the nature of the local region.

The employer’s demand   is to create a space conforming to the local architecture while having a new view and experience of the space. The project was going to be built on a site near the agricultural land and after surveying the site, a place overlooking the dam and the surrounding landscape has been selected for this purpose.

The final cover of the cabin was thatch and clay and straw (A type of plant fiber which has been used to cover the roofs of rural houses) for proper coordination with the background and maintaining the available space so that it can be in harmony with the rural houses left from the past. Long gable roof has been used at cabin form to be close to the rural housing typology.

By Liliana Alvarez

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