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Mirador house designed by +arquitectos

The Santiago-based architectural firm +arquitectos has designed "Mirador House" a single family house that located in Las Condes, SantiagoChile.

Project description by the architects:

Located in the base of the Andes mountains, the project it’s placed at the top of a hill with north orientation looking towards the valley of the Manquehue Hill.

Mirador house designed by +arquitectos in Santiago Chile image © Aryeh Kornfeld

The single-family house, consists of a ground level with spaces opened to far views, a first level with a multipurpose room surrounded by a green roof and a basement level that houses cellars and machine rooms. Placed in the middle of the site, the house divides the lot completely, leaving in the south area, a hard-front access patio and services, and towards to the north area, the terraces, swimming pool and gardens.

the terrace of the concrete houseimage © Aryeh Kornfeld

outdoor garden in front of the houseimage © Aryeh Kornfeld

The structure is raw concrete, and to improve the insulation, was coated by a ventilated façade of a precast concrete panels (The same was used in pavements), maintaining the monochromatic character of the project.

the concrete walls with glass windowimage © Aryeh Kornfeld

the swimming pool with amazing viewimage © Aryeh Kornfeld

Mirador house designed by +arquitectos in Santiago Chile image © Aryeh Kornfeld

the view of the city image © Aryeh Kornfeld

the corridor image © Aryeh Kornfeld

the living room image © Aryeh Kornfeld

the staircase image © Aryeh Kornfeld

indoor corridor image © Aryeh Kornfeld

water reflection image © Aryeh Kornfeld

Ground floor planGround Floor Plan

First Floor PlanFirst Floor Plan

Construction detailConstruction detail

Site plan Site Plan

North ElevationNorth Elevation

South ElevationSouth Elevation

Architect: +arquitectos 

Location: Las Condes, SantiagoChile

Area: 550 m²

Year: 2013

Construction: Daniel Alemparte

Photographer: Aryeh Kornfeld

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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