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A house in gray designed by CYAN ARQ+DIS

The Ecuador-based architecture and design studio CYAN ARQ+DIS has recently completed ''house in gray'' a single-family home inspired by the purity of materials and the creativity of its owners, that is located in Puembo, QuitoEcuador

Project description by architect:

A house inspired by the purity of materials and the creativity of its owners. In this project there are no “finishing” materials, that´s why its name, we seek that each construction element be shown as it is, with its beauty and its “subtle imperfections”. Not as a whim or a try to fit into a trend, but as a result of a deep analysis of the requirements of Anthony and Paulina (the guys), who would inhabit this space. In the design process we set 3 guidelines: the spatial, the aesthetic and the adaptation to the place.

house with large windows image © JAG studio

Spatially, inside the house we look for fluid environments that allow a direct relationship between spaces, where there are almost no physical limits, because the guys are a couple who likes to be in permanent contact during their daily activities, also this would not only be their home, but also their workplace and they wanted not to feel a marked difference between "living" and "working", but rather to be environments that allow them various possibilities of adaptation and a fluidity in their daily activities.

kitchen with island made with white marble stone image © JAG studio

pendant lamp hanged from steel structure ceiling in the kitchen area image © JAG studio

The aesthetic component is the result of a very meticulous and detailed work, mistakes has no place, since nothing can be "corrected with decorative or finishing elements", for this we work with materials that are beautiful by nature that´s why exposed concrete, steel and glass are the protagonists within the aesthetic and formal composition.

man with his dog going upstairs through wooden staircase image © JAG studio

In the context, towards the north and south, very marked closings are created because the guys were not interested in being related to the immediate context (the neighbors). These closings are two exposed concrete walls, which are divided to differentiate the necessary areas towards the interior of the house, the same one that has large openings towards the desired (the views), openings that relates and adapts the house to the landscape, achieving a perfect harmony between interior housing, exterior housing and its natural landscape.

hanged pendant lamps with illumination over kitchen island at night image © JAG studio

kitchen located near the living space image © JAG studio

sun lights hit the sofa through windows image © JAG studio

plant's pot hanged over brick wall image © JAG studio

double volume living area with large windows and steel structure ceiling image © JAG studio

A house in gray designed by CYAN ARQ+DISimage © JAG studio

concrete house in Quito image © JAG studio

dog walking beside the large windows image © JAG studio

concrete house with illumination at night image © JAG studio

the house facade image © JAG studio

yellow pipe image © JAG studio

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

First Floor PlanFirst Floor Plan

Axonometric Axonometric 

Diagram Diagram 

Structural detailStructural detail

Section 01 Section 01 

Section 02Section 02

West Elevation West Elevation 

South Elevation South Elevation 


Project name: A house in gray

Architecture firm: CYAN ARQ+DIS

Architect in charge: Carlos Ogonaga

Location: Puembo, QuitoEcuador

Area:148 m²

Completion year: 2020

Landscape: CYAN ARQ+DIS

Engineering: CYAN ARQ+DIS​​​​​​​

Photography: JAG studio 

Client: Anthony & Paulina

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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