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Baag-e-Fursat Farmhouse: Gorgeous Garden Estate in Kharar, Punjab, India by Aann Space

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Aann Space
Kharar, Punjab, India
Tushar Garg
Principal architect:
Harpreet Singh
Design team:
Harpreet Singh
Artwork: Aann Arts. Furniture: Neetu Industries
Interior design:
Aann Space
Built area:
2504 m²
Site area:
6000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Rakhra Associates, Chandigarh
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop
Flooring: Nexion- Satvario Satin Vitrified Tiles. Wall Cladding: Exposed concrete block from Dyanmic and UPVC glazing from Lingel
Residential › Farmhouse

Aann Space: Deep within the rich landscape of Punjab, an extravagant farmhouse rises from the still ground with a paradisiacal experience as “Baag-e-Fursat”. Much like the name, it is imagined as a garden estate that grows into staying areas and recreation points that enjoy the vistas all around the 8000 sq. ft. expanse of the place. It speaks of retreat in the purest sense with lush-green lawns, pleasant-and-poised patio seats, intriguing indoor game areas and a striking swimming pool that elevates the experience in and around the accommodation.

The first impression of a visitor begins where their ride ends—a massive parking lot seals the end-to-end experience of the farmhouse with towering walls and a tucked-away entrance that gives a small peek into the entirety of Baag-e-Fursat. Upon entering, one is surprised by the monumental impose of the setup that is acrophobic in one minute and completely breathtaking in the next.

As a tradition, the visitors are welcomed by a sign of wellness and fortune—A tree-high statue of Lord Buddha sits in the midst of pruned bushes that carry the nature-loving language ahead. The scenic lawn ambience is left untouched by walkways—stamp concrete paths, trellised seating islands, metallic garden sculptures and birdhouses run in silence, along the side.

The first of four cottages is dedicated to recreation—the lounge and dining overlooking the infinity pool and its cascading sides give a tranquilising accent to the space. A sunken bar by the pool takes a deeper indulgence into the turquoise waters that gleam by the day and turn dramatic by the moon-lit night. More drama awaits on the inside—an indoor gaming area in the basement gives a walk through the timeless games with pool tables, carrom tables and table-tennis zones etc., all wrapped around by walls carrying their symbols—chequered walls, pawn patterns, card collages and more make the space interesting for people of all ages.

Further ahead, the villa cottages spell the concept of wonders in the wild, by introducing garden nodes within an off-grid layout that luxuriates in ample sunlight and ventilation. Both upper and lower storeys grandstand a contemporary interior style with minimal furniture, geometric lights, lightwood hints and an overarching neutral palette. These rooms stay synonymous with the farmhouse concept by accommodating beds that wake up to the views lit by the east sun, along with the verandas that share the same.

On the whole, Baag-e-Fursat is a place to satiate one’s senses with the lavish play of contemporary architecture along with a subtle throwback to the vintage styles. While the contemporary side of the design opens up opportunities for people to interact with expandable rooms, semi-enclosed gazebos, makeshift party lawns etc.—the vintage hints bring back the nostalgia with a signature windmill, antiquated fans, trussed roofs, and handmade luminaires, woven matters and more.

As an experience, Baag-e-Fursat is a peaceful haven for families with people from different times and cities, brought together by nothing but an enthuse for a time away from humdrum life.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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Goilapos -
An experience that is Baag-e-Fursat is a tranquil haven for families that are comprised of people from different eras and cities. These individuals are drawn together by nothing more than a desire to spend some time away from the mundane aspects of geometry dash lite everyday life.

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