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GOLD: Luxurious Art Deco Interior by Koshulynskyy & Mayer

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Koshulynskyy & Mayer
Lviv, Ukraine
Andy Shustykevych
Principal architect:
Danylo Koshulynskyy, Karina Mayer
Design team:
Karina Mayer
Interior design:
Built area:
270 m²
Site area:
700 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
KM design
Structural engineer:
KM design
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Residential › Family House

Art deco style interiors for an ambitious family eager to realize the dream of a home that would reflect their habits and personality. “We did what in our case all good designers should do: take the client's desire to live in a home that makes them happy as seriously as possible. We applied all our knowledge and involved experienced contractors in the process, so that the result was a beautiful and well-executed project" - Danylo Koshulynskyy.

"The first ever meeting with the clients was immediately the start of work on the interiors. We remember with pleasure the couple who applied for the project of this house, their brightness and emotion in sharing the joy of the house they were building for themselves" - Karina Mayer.

After the first meeting with the clients and having seen the location, the designers of the Koshulynskyy & Mayer studio realized that the property did not meet the expectations of the young couple. All their dreams and desires simply did not fit into the house under construction. For this reason, they immediately proposed some changes to the original work plan, adding a third room for children and a swimming pool.

At the same time, work continued with extremely elegant, refined and attention to detail design solutions, through the use of high quality materials. The result was a very accurate and precious art deco style design, based on cream, white and black colors with contrasting touches of light blue fabrics and golden accessories. This reflects the character of the owners and their strong desire to live in the home of their dreams: resplendent, luxurious and full of refinement.

Therefore, the designers adopted exceptionally elegant solutions typical of art deco, such as golden handrails made of polished brass, marble walls and stairs covered with tiles and bright golden profiles. To make a three-dimensional canvas with brass inserts, the manufacturers first created 5 samples and it took 3 months to agree on the final look. The internal doors were produced by the Paolo Rossi company of Lviv according to the designs of Koshulynskyy & Mayer.

The result was stunning and above all it made the customers happy, with whom the designers currently maintain friendly relations. “I believe that when you and the customers become friends during the repair process, this is the best manifestation of trust and gratitude for the work done.” - says designer Karina Mayer.

In the master bedroom, the bathroom area and shower cabin are located behind glass - the best design solution for a comfortable personal life of the couple. The studio Koshulynskyy & Mayer has paid close attention to each bathroom in the house because when it comes to an Art Deco house, these rooms are almost showpieces. The house also has three rooms specifically dedicated to a girl and two boys.

Everything is designed so that every corner of the house is aesthetically perceived as pleasantly as possible. Thanks to the diligent work of the designers and their attention to every detail, the project achieved the desired wow effect, giving an extraordinary feeling of comfort and well-being.



Chandeliers in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, coffee tables and wall sconces around the perimeter of the entire house - Eichholtz.

Staircase chandelier – Ilpezzomancante.

Interior doors: Paolo Rossi.

Coffee tables with gold frames in the living room - Eichholtz.

Bedside table in the master bedroom - Longhi Luci.

Bathroom lighting - wall lamp Pacific.

Wall decor in the bathroom - Wall & Deco.

Chandelier in the nursery - VITA (Eos white).

Decorative mosaic in the bathroom 2nd floor: Atlas Concorde (MARVEL Gold Hex Brown Calacatta).

Dining chairs - DVHome.

Sofa in the living room: ESTETICA

Dining table: Carveli

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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