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Interior Decoration of Singapore O's Villa by WEN DESIGN

Project name:
Singapore O's Villa
Architecture firm:
WOHA Architects
Singapore Meyer house
Principal architect:
Design team:
WEN DESIGN (Interior Decoration Design)
Interior design:
Yabu Pushelberg
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
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Meyer House is located on a unique island along the East Coastline, and next to a one-hectare forest park. Famous for its garden house and positioned as “Nassim of the East”, its architecture and interior design was completed by WOHA Architects and Yabu Pushelberg. It is the first service flat providing an independent, private elevator for each household in Singapore, and has won many international design awards since its construction. This project — O's Villa is one of the houses, in which WEN DESIGN integrates humanity and nature through its interior decoration.

It is a place where spring remains eternal, surrounded by greenery combined with the pastoral. The amber glass curtain wall and staggered log shutters coverage in perfect symmetry. The designers created a dwelling environment of “prosperity outside and nature inside”, in an effort to obscure the physical proximity between zen and nature. It’s a hermit atmosphere converted into a cozy space. The living room is connected to the outdoor balcony and switching between an area of social interaction to one of solitude at one discretion. Also includes a wood veneer that brings the space together. In tandem with lush, fur seats, luxury and comfort are highlighted resulting in a zen-like atmosphere.

Utlizing an infusion of colors and furnishings designed from an artistic perspective result in a contemporary, detailed space rich in interlaced texture. The arrangement of each detail tells a novel story which manifests in extreme warmth, elegance and luxury. Michelangelo once said, “The greatest artist has no conception which a single block of white marble does not potentially contain within its mass, but only a hand obedient to the mind can penetrate to this image. The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.” The artistry of this space echoes sentiments of Michelangelo’s sentiments utilizing an amalgam of texture and pattern; one that silently chants delicacy with a modern restraint, comforting inhabitants through a diversified, artistic vision.

The universal value of art lies in a return to the implicit conditions of life. The rendering of a serene expression of texture that draws on nature’s design; a rational expression of texture, drawing on the natural flow of texture, unabashedly dispersed on the sofa spreading to the carpet, renders the space delicate and elegant without losing scale, conveying an organic construction of hidden escape.

The open layout integrates nature within an interior space, bringing greenery into the interior space. The result of which stimulates vitality and energy in the space. In turn, an atmosphere comfort and relaxation explore the relationship between man and living environments. It should be a natural flow existent of true emotion. A rich, marble tabletop and crystal chandeliers circle the ceiling like a natural halo to enhance spatial flexibility with decorative art forms. Aesthetic interest integrated into the daily life creates an elegant and everlasting sense of space.

The well-designed furniture echoes artistic attributes of space while also forming a natural division through the use of light and shadow. Convergence between texture and design pattern is emphasized to create a light but profound humanistic atmosphere across the space, to create one of depth and serenity.

A minimalistic bookshelf has been added to enrich the dynamic vision created through blending between textures. The recombination of different lines, colors and textures indicates a knowledge of design aesthetics fit for a contemporary lifestyle. In the living space, an open space for study has been designed beside the staircase, with the window in the back, which overlooks the outdoor landscape. Hence, so that people can enjoy the study with different images during different moment of the day.

Artists Ran Yadong express his own understanding of landscape with freehand brushwork and unique emotion. Outline their understanding of life from different lines and planes, vigorously expressed with a tenacious spirit of the pen. The concept of mind healing is integrated into the bedroom. We selected soft material for the sofa and fabrics to create a pleasant, calming effect. When the night falls, the delicate texture of silk fabric reflects the light, releasing the fatigue of life under lamplight.

In the construction of the overall space, the texture of the space is enriched with details. An elegant pink has been applied to the furniture and wall space at varying degrees and textures. Verpan lamps from Denmark increases the sense of spatial art with mild light, appealing to the child in all of us. In addition, these lights offer a relaxing atmosphere for reading before sleep. True wealth is spiritual freedom and inner peace. Wen designs emphasize the harmony between humanity and nature; the blurring of internal and external so that life and nature are not divided into boundaries; simple tones create an essence of the minimalist environment. When complexityis removed, so the warmth and comfort of the home are able to flow naturally.


Founder & Chief Creative Director of WEN DESIGN

Person of the year for The Art Display & Decoration of China

Humanistic Lifestyle Aesthetic Designer

The Most Original Designer for the Chinese Architectural Decoration Industry

Upon returning to China after working overseas, WEN established WEN DESIGN (WEND) - an artistic design firm specializing in decor, advocating the design philosophy of "Humanistic Art Aesthetics." With a unique design perspective, care for humanity, immersive multi-dimensional sensory experiences, and international creativity, WEN condenses these elements into each display, infusing spaces with a deeper emotional resonance through empathetic design.

Devoted to fostering the symbiosis and integration of diverse international cultures, WEN aims to create "homes – spaces with positive and personalized energy" for private residential owners. Frequently invited by renowned overseas luxury homeowners, WEN serves as the overall guide for artistic decor design. Standing at an international vantage point, WEN embraces originality to craft artistic display mediums and spiritual dwellings with distinctive characteristics for overseas homeowners.

Having garnered a series of internationally acclaimed awards for luxury residential designs both domestically and internationally, WEN has been honored with titles such as "Person of the Year for The Art Display & Decoration of China" and "The most Original Designer for the Chinese Architectural Decoration Industry." These accolades reflect the global industry's high recognition of WEN's achievements.

By Liliana Alvarez

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