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Modern house with elements of Japanese aesthetics by Kann Buro / Anna Кashentseva

Project name:
Modern house with elements of Japanese aesthetics
Architecture firm:
Kann Buro
Moscow region, Russia
Sergey Krasyuk
Principal architect:
Anna Кashentseva
Design team:
Natalia Onufreichuk
Interior design:
Anna Кashentseva
Built area:
380 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Residential › House

The owners of this house, a family with two children, are open-minded and curious individuals who travel extensively. While the house was still under construction, they approached architect Anna Kashentseva to design the interior. "One of the main requests from the clients was to complete the project in the shortest possible time," Anna shares. "Thanks to our dream team, the house was fully constructed and furnished in just one year and three months."

The layout of the two-story, 380 m² house was initially outlined by the architect, with only minor modifications made by the project author. For instance, a very narrow and inconvenient storage pantry in the utility wing was converted into a laundry area with ironing space and cabinets. The ground floor hosts a common area, consisting of a living room, kitchen, guest bathroom, and study. The living room features a striking double-height space of six meters, with large windows that offer views of apple trees and part of the terrace. The second floor includes bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Creating a sense of comfort and tranquility was a primary objective in designing the interior. The house exudes the spirit of a Japanese dwelling — seemingly simple yet well-thought-out. The color palette includes natural shades of summer, ripe wheat, and extensive use of wood: slats and veneers with natural patterns. "On the ground floor, I used only one bold color—the rich green in the guest bathroom, which harmonizes with a sink made from a piece of river stone," emphasizes Anna. One of the house's most beautiful spaces is the first-floor hall: the floor is laid with natural travertine, the walls are painted in calm colors, and the ceiling features a light fixture by Alexa Hampton. In the living room, the floor is made of engineered oak veneer planks, and the fireplace is clad in natural wood panels. The sofa set is complemented by a handmade rug from Kulturakovrov.

The central element of the home is a double-sided fireplace, entirely sheathed in honey-colored wooden panels. The furniture was custom-made based on the author's sketches. The living room sofa was custom-designed by Elena Guseva and produced at her own facility in Moscow. The consoles and mirrors in the living room were crafted by the carpenter Stanislav Efremov, who also made the vanities in all the bathrooms, the bathroom furniture, bookshelves, and bedside tables in the master bedroom. All doors and baseboards were also custom-made and are unique.

To preserve ceiling height, all mechanical systems and air conditioners were installed in wardrobes, corridors, and other utility spaces. For the same reason, overhead accent lighting fixtures are used throughout the rooms. "The most challenging aspect of modern interior design is to create depth and breathe life into a project with a relatively limited set of tools," notes the project author. According to Anna, this is achieved through contrasting textures and materials, varied colors, and strategic lighting. It is crucial to consider where each light will shine and how the space will change under various lighting scenarios. "In this project, everything turned out as planned, and I really like that this interior evokes the atmosphere of a field of ripe wheat as if you are walking through it and brushing the ears with your hand," concludes architect Anna Kashentseva.

By Liliana Alvarez

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