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Renovation of House, Vadodara, India by Manoj Patel Design Studio

Project name:
Renovation of House
Architecture firm:
Manoj Patel Design Studio
Vadodara, India
2613 apertures
Principal architect:
Manoj Patel
Design team:
Manoj Patel, Mahima Bomb, Priyal Jani, Aishwarya Gupte, Vaishnavi Padalkar, Prajjwal Dave, Shril Soni and Amitha Krishna
Dinesh Prajapati and Team (Brick Craftsmanship)
Interior design:
Manoj Patel Design Studio
Built area:
3000 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Manoj Patel Design Studio
Manoj Patel Design Studio
Tools used:
SketchUp, AutoCAD and Lumion
Bricks for construction & Cladding on elevation – interior spaces, stone frames & wooden joineries
Mr. Manish Shah
Residential › House, Renovation

Manoj Patel Design Studio: The residence is located in one of the central areas of the Vadodara city. Site is surrounded by many adjacent urban dwellings. Design brief for the house had many memories attached from client’s side. Now evolving over the time, they wanted to experience contemporary modulations in the same space with minimum budget specifications.

The house defines dialogue between existing structural grids and new different punctures infused for communication. The design shows a thoughtful approach of addressing challenges inside a built mass, creating opportunities of visually open spaces by adding colourful graphics. As part of climatic consideration, passive design strategies and planning principles have been incorporated.

Spaces are extended as per the on-site grid for larger ambience and have seamless connections. For various functional spaces parts of the existing slab are removed to achieve double height volumes and unify different floors together. This establishes illusion of bigger spaces with an inward-looking plan.

Façade interprets proportion of grids in different volumes weaved from brick as screening and colour tones complementing it. As facade opens up on the west side of the plot, it casts shadow and natural light during daytime. Material composition senses an art, from earthy material infused with subtle river valley colour on the walls. Crafting of stretcher bonds as cladding and jali works intricately details joinery to arch free form opening or as gateways in elevation. Sleek railings and grey textured walls sync the cuboid.

The entrance walkway opens to an adjacent sit out space having backdrop of undulating brick fabric to hold plants. Flooring wraps in diversity of marble having fluid patterns and terrazzo effect as carpets evenly. One gets welcomed into the living room, which celebrates materiality and textures of the theme. Shade of river green colour conveys luxury and styling comfort in fresh palette of compositions. TV unit hangs over exposed brick wall backdrop for neutral accent. Décor upholstery covers in grey furnishings. To have hidden concept for main door, I flushes with the living wall for large compositional concept.

Barrier free orientation of spaces for daily functions initiate’s communication through kitchen towards living, which allows one to enjoy cooking. Aligning of dining space in the centre of house, with double height volume becomes point of focal interaction. Wavy colour graphics on the wall, camouflage the existing grid members by blending in the form of art. A built in stylish window seat adjacent to dining turns out as a place to relax. To define the concept of temple shikhara an ornamental arch as opening has been carved, that continues as double height element. Pockets of plantations add green character to rustic shades. Temple space connects with bedroom on the ground floor belonging to the elderly parent. Large fenestration opens into the double height volume of temple for light and airy comfort.

Backdrop of this room transforms herringbone brick patterns into a varied form. Wardrobes as encompassed around the existing column inside the room with niches to hold artifacts.

While climbing up the stairs, one walks to the core passage overlooking the dining double height space. This also sets link a with Master bedroom window on the first floor. Floating brick patterns on the accent wall for this room, showcases play of frame compositions continuing with extended informal lounge alcove. The complementing exposed brick jali creates dramatic patterns and shadows on the floor and walls.  A rustic cottage themed bathroom lets the users to experience near to nature ambience with skylight for diffused lighting.

Another room adorns brick craftsmanship contrasting marble slits on the perpendicular wall as new way to orient materials for backdrop. Tints of colour enhance the linear arrangement.

An outdoor seating at terrace level, invites for café theme conversations. Curved puncture opening pops out as an overlooking window element for elevation. Centrally oriented high table seating lets one enjoy serene. A key component for flooring in tiles, flat bricks and pebbles stimulate human psychology.  

The refurbished house exhibits the incorporating of structural members into new volumetric mass complementing material palette by considering economy.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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