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RM House Extension by Einstein and Associates

The Jakarta-based architecture firm Einstein and Associates led by Leo Einstein Franciscus has recently completed RM House, located at the heart of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

Architect's statement:

RM House Extension, Located at the heart of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Situated near important landmarks like the Presidential Bogor Palace and the famous Bogor Botanical Garden, one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in the world, RM House Extension design concept is derived from taking a closer look into Bogor. What many people don’t know about Bogor is that Bogor is only sixty kilometers away from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. Bogor or “Buitenzorg” as people would call it during the Dutch colonial era served as the summer residence of the Governor General of East Indies. “Buitenzorg” itself means “without a care” in Dutch, mirroring the beauty of Bogor that makes people have no worries and feel safe and secure.

modern house in Indonesia with metal gate image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

The design concept behind this modern tropical house comes from the context observation of Bogor that is a “Luxury Retreat” with style back to the nature. The architecture, interior and landscape design of this house is merged all together into a tropical paradise. A modern tropical architecture with splashes of rich tropical colors and plants designed specifically to blend with the surrounding nature. Digging a little deeper into the concept, the building itself is positioned at the center of a literal beautifully designed tropical garden, a subtle link with Buitenzorg that is peaceful and “without a care”. To top it all off, the building plan of Lemongrass is intentionally designed as an open air and open plan space, eliminating the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor.

house with tropical plants in the terrace image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

We make this house feeling like when the owner back to the house they feel like back to the resort with a very nature ambiance and luxury. They will see the landscape scenery like at the tropical forest and they will hear the sound of water which have small waterfall go down to the koi pond at the garden. 50 percent of the land area is the green area with the garden and the fish pond. This house located at backyard of the main building house. With the connecting inner courtyard garden between the main house with the extension house.

house with roof garden image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

This extension house is divided into ten area - carport, foyer, terrace garden, 3 bedrooms, dining area, inner courtyard garden, gym room, study room, rooftop garden, balcony terrace. First step entering the house we will have to walk through the carport and garden, and terrace garden area at the front of the house. The facade of the building dominated with marble and woods. Entering the house, the foyer of the house as the center to connect with other rooms like 3 bedrooms at ground floors, bathroom and the dining area. The foyer Dominated with the wood panel wall and geometric marble floor pattern. The dining area has the view to the inner courtyard and access to the second floor with the eye-catching spiral staircase. This spiral staircase as the center of the room with the handmade weaving technic. At the second floor there are 4 main area, study room, gym room, terrace rooftop garden and the balcony terrace which have a view to the inner courtyard garden.

the aerial view of residential neighborhood in Indonesia image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

stone staircase with LED lighting image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

garage o the house with marble stones floor and walls image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

stone made staircase with led lighting and plants at a side image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

modern house with central courtyard and tropical garden image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

luxury home with tropical garden image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

tropical plants grown at the garden of the house image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

luxury house design image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

home with green plants image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

marble stones steps toward the entrance image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

house with inner garden image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

wooden dining table next to spiral staircase image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

patio with tropical plants image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

house garden with tropical plants image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

red fishes in the pond at the backyard of the house image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

red fishes in the pond image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

cozy living room with purple sofa image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

luxury living room design image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

luxury interior design image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

modern kitchen design image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

corridor with ceramic stone image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

green plants and natural stone wall image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

indoor garden at the house image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

yellow flowers used as decoration in corridor image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

staircase image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

yellow flower next to bathroom mirror image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

bathroom design with black marble walls image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

home decor image © Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

First Floor Plan First Floor Plan 

Second Floor Plan Second Floor Plan 

Section Drawing Section

Elevation Drawing Elevation


Project name: RM House Extension

Architecture firm: Einstein and Associates

Principal architect: Leo Einstein Franciscus

Location: Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Design year: 2017 

Completion year: 2019

Built area: 270 m²

Site area: 250 m²

Interior design: Einstein and Associates   

Environmental & MEP Engineering: Haryanto

Photography: Mario Wibowo & Melanie Tanusetiawan

Client: Rizaldi Muliawan

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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