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Stone Lodges: Plavu and Kanikonna Residences in Wayanad, India by Earthitects

Project name:
Plavu, Kanikonna
Architecture firm:
Wayanad, Kerala, India
Justin Sebastian
Principal architect:
George E.Ramapuram
Design team:
Irene Koshy, Muhammad Jamaal, Dhyana Priyadarshini, Meme Chauhan
Interior design:
Built area:
7000 Sq feet
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Sarmas Vali
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Johnson Joseph
Tools used:
Wood, Stone, Textured Plaster, Glass, Eucalyptus Poles
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Earthitects: Stone Lodges - Private Residences are spread across a forested hillside. Built on sloping land on the side of a mountain, they are inspired by the grammar of Mountain Lodges and the native design aesthetic.

With sheer simplicity and understated elegance, each villa intertwines harmoniously with the mountain on three distinct levels and blends seamlessly into the natural landscape. Staying true to our philosophy, the materials used are natural, with wooden flooring, random-rubble walls, cobblestone pathways, and log rafters.

Showcasing a joyous interplay of stone and wood, the villas are hidden amongst dense foliage and designed with unique elements, keeping sustainability and innovation in mind. Every bit is finely nuanced bespeaking a luxurious yet environmentally responsible aesthetic - A Collectible that ages graciously!


We at Earthitects take pride in our unique craftsmanship and detailing in design. Our skilled craftsmen - Our team of passionate Carpenters, pay close attention to detail, always looking forward to a challenge.

Handmade by our skilled craftsmen and designers, “Handcrafted Collectibles” are bespoke artistic creations (the furniture and interiors) portraying Rarity and Extraordinary Design combined with Understated Elegance.

Everything, from the furniture to fixtures is crafted in-house, even as some fixtures are locally crafted to support local craftsmanship. The wood is intentionally left unfinished to really accentuate the live edge, and ages gracefully over time. The home becomes a collectible then, a legacy that one passes down over generations.

 A Monolithic Sculpture

Bespeaking Exquisite Craftsmanship in the signature Earthitects design style, the Monolith Lounger pushes the boundaries of Innovation and Craft. Sculpted as a monolithic piece by our master artisans, this deck chair is the purest representation of the language of Nature. Set atop the stone deck, the handcrafted collectible is carefully chiseled to attain the perfect angle for relaxation and comfort, while also preserving its live edge.

The ‘Earthitects’ signature design style finds its infinite expression in this unique piece of craftsmanship that portrays understated elegance. Each piece with its distinct personality elevates the beauty of teak wood in its original form combined with cane, weaved by local artisans.

Carved with nature-inspired motifs, the apron of the chair compliments the handpicked natural upholstery which is carefully chosen to tread lightly on the environment. The supports are characterized by tapered ends with subtle detailing.

Crafted by our team of artisans, the ‘Day Lounger’ functions as a formal seater in the Living Lounge. Made out of single pieces of handpicked Teak, this seater delineates wood in its natural form.

Every piece of wood, carefully selected with its intricate grain and distinct personality conveys a unique story that is translated to create our handcrafted one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Robust planks of wood connected by wooden spindles serve as the backrest for the low single-slab seater. Supported by carved wooden legs, the lower slab extends to create a "built-in" side table surface. Contrasting the earthy textures of the natural stone wall, the wood is intentionally left unfinished to accentuate the “Live Edge”, and ages gracefully over time. Portraying the natural edge, the exceptional wooden bed is the furniture of dreams! Sturdy and bold, this magnificent piece is crafted from robust teak wood.

Rediscover Furniture that pushes the boundaries of Design.

At Earthitects, we believe in facilitating “the abundant life” with the re-connection of humans, the built space, nature, and the Soul of the Earth. Unbound by limitations, the design language of our “Handcrafted Collectibles'' is drawn from the free-flowing forms of nature and the materials and textures of the Earth.

Inspired by Nature’s habitats, “The Cocoon”, envisioned as a revolving loveseat is a living entity of the encompassing natural space. Handcrafted with an angled Eucalyptus pole framework, the architecture of this timeless piece draws parallels to the cocoon of the Bagworm moth.

Shaped by the natural geometry of the distinct tree, “The Meander Lounger” flows in harmony with the living space that overlooks the wilderness. Handbuilt with close attention to detail, the outsize lounger is designed with a sturdy wooden base and angled poles to aid comfort.

Unaltered to retain the purity of Nature, “The Bole'' coffee table portrays our signature craftsmanship of preserving the harmonious shapes of the natural environment. Showcasing enlivened hues and wild free-form grains, the organic Bole bespeaks the distinctive story of the soul and spirit of the tree.

By Liliana Alvarez

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