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Design Skill Awards 2023: An Inclusive Platform for Global Design Talent

Design Skill Magazine
Architecture & Design
Anyone, from well-established firms to emerging individual talents
Awards & Prizes:
Certificate of Achievement, Personalized Award Logo, Landing Page, Graphic Banners, Social media, Partner Publication, Media Coverage, Award Trophy
Entries deadline:
29 December 2023
Online event
$ 90

An Unprecedented Stage for Design Brilliance is Now Open for Entries.

Design Skill Magazine launches the inaugural Design Skill Awards 2023, a groundbreaking platform where design visionaries from around the globe can ascend to international prominence. The awards aim to recognize and elevate the full spectrum of design ingenuity, from well-established firms to emerging individual talents.


A Spectrum of Skills, A Unity of Excellence

As design assumes a critical role in shaping our world and advancing innovation, the Design Skill Awards sets itself apart as the ultimate commendation across diverse creative domains. The initiative is more than a simple celebration of talent; it's a tribute to design's profound impact on human life. Structured to be transparent, innovative, and inclusive, the awards welcome a variety of contributions across the full breadth of design disciplines.

How to Participate

Registration for the Design Skill Awards 2023 is now open, with three phases:
Early Bird, Standard, and Late Registration. Each phase has its own fee structure, allowing potential participants multiple entry points. Details can be found on the official website.


Grand Jury Members

- Niko Kapa: Design Director at Studio Niko Kapa, United Arab Emirates

- Chloe Fan: CEO of Design with FRANK, USA

- Paolo Capello: CEO of Paolo Cappello Design Studio, Italy

- Ronn Lee: Creative Director at BEAMY, China

- Roberta Rampazzo: Designer and Founder of Roberta Rampazzo Design, United Kingdom

- Alberto Ribeiro: Architect and Founder of A2OFFICE, Portugal

Judging Criteria

All entries will undergo a meticulous evaluation process by our illustrious Grand Jury. Projects will be evaluated on Innovation & Originality, Design & Aesthetic Look, and Functionality & Spatial Integration.

Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Fashion, Furniture, Lighting, Packaging, Product, Transportation, App, Audio & Video, Branded Content, Event, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social Media, Typography, Website

Prizes and Benefits

Winners and runners-up will be granted a rich assortment of rewards:

Certificate of Achievement: An electronic accolade to affirm your design proficiency.

Personalized Award Logo: A digital emblem to showcase your win on your website and social media platforms.

Landing Page: A dedicated page on the Design Skill Awards website, focusing on your winning project.

Graphic Banners: A set of promotional banners for website or social media featuring your project.

Social media : Publicizing the winning projects on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Partner Publication: Our media partners are happy to publish selected award winners on their websites.

Media Coverage: The award has a media coverage of more than 3 million users.

Award Trophy: You can order a special trophy, on which we will engrave the title of your project, your name and studio.

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 29 September 2023

Standard Registration Deadline: 08 November 2023

Late Registration Deadline: 29 December 2023

Project Submission Deadline: 31 December 2023

Winners Announcement: 31 January 2024


About Design Skill Awards

The Design Skill Awards, organized by DESIGN SKILL MAGAZINE, is an initiative that aims to honor, celebrate, and promote exceptional design talent from around the world. It offers a stage where every nuance of creativity can be appreciated and rewarded. With a reach extending to over 3 million users, the Design Skill Awards promises a wealth of opportunities for aspiring and established designers alike.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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