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Casona Sforza, An Enclave In Puerto Escondido To Experience Luxury With A Conscience

Project name:
Casona Sforza
Architecture firm:
TAX / Taller de arquitectura X
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Alex Krotkov
Principal architect:
Alberto Kalach
Design team:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza and MOB Studio
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Efraín Salinas
Sand-yellow bricks, Macuili and parota wood, palm leaves, traditional regional cotton textiles, and raw linen details
Residential › House

Design, elegance, and environmental commitment come together in an enclave that puts comfort and artifice-free exclusivity to the fore.

Looking out over the golden sands of the Pacific Coast, in the serene landscape of Barra de Colotepec, Casona Sforza presents a unique, vernacular-inspired architecture and a sustainable luxury experience with personalized attention, exclusivity and privacy.

In this setting in a total balance with nature, the concept exalts the value of awareness, while enjoying the culinary tradition of the region and strengthening ties with the local community.

Casona Sforza, dreamt up and designed by the entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza and the leading Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, stands out with a structure that revalues roots and reflects a commitment to environmental conservation, with a structure comprising forms with clean lines, asymmetries, arches and vaults that establish a harmony with the landscape of Puerto Escondido.

In this location on the Oaxacan coast where the Colotepec River and the sea converge, comfort and elegance stripped of artifice are intertwined with respect for the environment in an enclave where nature and design alike stimulate the senses.

Among its luminous spaces—with terracotta tones, and a terrace with a concentric swimming pool—time passes without urgency in the shelter of cypresses, mangroves, and oaks. Using other endemic vegetation species, such as majaguas, tabachines, mesquites, and huizaches, as well as the unmistakable cacti of the region, in 2023, Kalach redefined a landscape project that pays tribute to the unique ecosystem of this latitude, incorporating Zisus and Copa de Oro plants –and other shrubs–, which provide shade and freshness, while delimiting the different areas and promoting privacy.

The eleven suites with their vaulted roofs offer a haven for indulging in a break in a bohemian aesthetic environment with natural textures, furniture and details in tropical woods and a color scheme built around neutral hues. With three categories: Junior, Senior and Master, guests enjoys panoramic views and home comforts.

In Casona Sforza, the interior design bears witness to artisan crafts from all over the country, including palm lamps from Jalisco, rugs from Teotitlán del Valle, textiles from the Valley of Oaxaca and hammocks, chairs and curtains from Yucatán. The atmosphere is further enhanced with details and amenities from the Oaxacan sierra, produced by the Pueblo del Sol community transformation workshops.

At Pueblo del Sol, potters, ceramists, cabinetmakers, farmers, and beekeepers are promoted in the sustainable production initiative whose mission is to build a new reality thanks to the contributions and support of Casona Sforza, which proudly shares with guests the experience of discovering organic agriculture projects focused on coffee, vanilla, cocoa and honey; crafts such as pottery, carpentry, natural cosmetics, bioconstruction and jewelry; or taking part in yoga, meditation and healing workshops.

Complementing the hospitality experience, the new culinary offering of Casona Sforza, by the Venezuelan chefs Vanessa Franco and Andrés Trujillo, takes its inspiration from the land and the sea, resulting in an authentic product-based frank cuisine. By working with farms and cooperatives in and around Puerto Escondido, the chefs and their team confirm an absolute commitment to sustainability, using only the freshest ingredients. In this way, they allow temporality and the natural environment to dictate the preparations for each day. Fish, shellfish, fresh vegetables, and homemade bread are fundamental on the menu.

The total immersion in the tranquility of the environment continues with the wellness services, focused on revitalizing the body, mind, and spirit. Facing the waves of the sea, guests can enjoy experiences such as relaxing massages and reiki sessions.

Casona Sforza stimulates the senses through conscious luxury, one that enables a robust bond to be established with a destination and an escape from the tumult of ordinary life, enjoying walks, expeditions, surf lessons or sighting dolphins, whales and sea turtles.

About Casona Sforza

Located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, Casona Sforza is a boutique hotel whose concept places center-stage the value of being aware, contemplating, and understanding the beauty of an environment in balance.

Conceived by the entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza and commissioned from the renowned Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, the project is a reflection of its ecological commitment, revaluation of roots, and development of the local community. Both the common areas and the 11 vaulted suites offer a cozy ambiance with a bohemian aesthetic of neutral colors, tropical woods, and natural textures, and panoramic views of the sea.

The lodging experience is complemented by a gastronomic proposal –by chefs Vanessa Franco and Andrés Trujillo– that extols local products. Additionally, Casona Sforza offers its visitors yoga and surf sessions, holistic massages, and natural activities that allow them to to venture into the destination.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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