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Flavia Luxury Hotel, A sculptural project in Oaxaca, Mexico by RootStudio

Project name:
Flavia Luxury Hotel
Architecture firm:
Oaxaca, Mexico
Lizzet Ortiz and Deslior
Principal architect:
Joao Boto Caeiro
Design team:
Built area:
2155 m²
Site area:
1435 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
August 2021
Artist Adan Paredes. Artist Luis Zárate. Artist Sabino Guisu
Interior design:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Josué Hernández Ruiz
Environmental & MEP:
Luis Zárate González
Concrete, steel, wood, stone, earth
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The architecture studio directed by João Boto Cæiro has created a boutique hotel with a design where harmony with the surroundings and the contrast between the exterior structure and the cozy interior enhance the sensory experience.

A precise ratio between the natural surroundings, the volumes, and the space were the guidelines that defined the design of the boutique hotel Flavia, whose atmosphere evokes sensations and stories inspired by all the wealth of Oaxaca.

The building, designed by João Boto Cæiro for RootStudio, is situated on the flanks of the San Felipe mountain in the natural reserve of the Cordillera de la Sierra Norte in Oaxaca. It was developed in accordance with the rhythms of an organic and sculptural planning method. Boto Cæiro shaped the building in such a manner that it maintained the specific characteristics of the land surface—adapting itself to the natural slope of the terrain—and alternating the spaces, proportions, light and shadow with the endemic vegetation and raw materials such as concrete, timber, and glass.

The result is a unique lodging with a restaurant, panoramic pool and 11 rooms each with their own atmosphere and layout. Guests can enjoy the eclectic character of this building with four double-height stories, in combination with landscaping by Luis Zárate—renowned for his work on Oaxaca’s Ethnobotanical Garden—that introduces cacti, pochote trees, pitayas, and aquatic plants to the gardens, courtyards, and terraces.

The hotel façade is dominated by the rustic character of raw concrete, contrasting with the warmth and elegance of the interior. The color palette of the public spaces and suites was built around five earth hues that harmonize with the tropical timber and the omnipresent force of the concrete.

A singular characteristic of Flavia hotel is the sensory impression produced by each of its rooms, all of which are unique while maintaining a dialogue with each other. An example of this is Bunker, an underground room that is so well illuminated it becomes the antithesis of its name. Likewise, luminosity is a feature of both Nubes and Copal rooms, the latter dominated by striking picture windows. The Teatro room, as its name suggests, emphasizes the dramatic character of a space that invites introspection, while Kundavi, Biblioteca, Cuarto de Máquinas, and Xolo embrace the warmth of woods as a leading element. Finally, in Roja, Selva, and Kuni rooms the contrast between textures is the principal theme.

The furnishings were expressly created to project a rich sense of sophistication alongside the works of local artists who bring their æsthetic to the different spaces of the boutique hotel. These guest talents include Sabino Guisu, Adán Paredes, Dali Nieto, Jesús Cuevas, Rolando Rojas, Francisco López Monterrosa, and Lucio Santiago.

The Flavia experience is complemented by a range of different amenities, such as a wellness zone, a private function room, and an organic vegetable garden that reinforce its mission of inviting guests to discover Oaxaca from the singular perspective of a kaleidoscope of emotions, stories, and sensations.


About RootStudio

Based in Oaxaca City and directed by João Boto Cæiro, RootStudio was founded in 2010 as a multidisciplinary studio that encompasses architecture, design, illustration, painting, and sculpture.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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