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BBT Hilltop, Sharq, Kuwait City by TAEP/AAP

Project name:
BBT Hilltop
Architecture firm:
Sharq, Kuwait City
Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Principal architect:
Design team:
Abdulatif Almishari, Rui Vargas,Tiago Brito, João Costa, Dalia Aly, Rafael Fortes, Elvino Domingos, Paulo Monteiro, Carla Barroso, Gonçalo Silva, Lionel Estriga, Mohammed Fawaz Abdulhadi, Telmo Rodrigues, Tiago Lopes
Graphic Design: Mariana Neves, Raquel Martins, Federica Fortugno, Aquilino Sotero
Interior design:
Built area:
492 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
João Catrapona, Mohammed Hassan, Rúben Rodrigues, Sérgio Sousa
Susana Pinheiro
Light Design
Tools used:
Installation › Urban Installation, Restaurant

TAEP/AAP: Located in Sharq, Kuwait, this project represents the idea of a multifunctional canopy, that acts as an urban installation for the heart of the business city center, artistically driving a new landmark and becoming a notorious place for gathering. Hosts several uses during each period of the day. Underneath it shields the drive-in restaurant, as well as an outdoor esplanade. On top, a ludic contemplation area was developed to enjoy the views while eating, or simply resting. A sort of stand was created to be used as a sitting area and playground, with the addition of a slide that interacts with the inclination of the canopy.

It can be used as well as an outdoor theatre for certain shows, or even a cinema in compliance with appropriate infrastructure. The box that holds the canopy contains the interior restaurant area, and its logistical areas, wrapped in matte paint and metallic mesh on the outside and glossy white ceramic tiles on the inside, contrasting with the red floor and ceiling. Some strategic openings were considered to ensure breathability and ventilation, access, and natural lighting, giving the whole the desirable habitability.

Harmony is achieved through a constant dialogue provided by its main vertical element, the red spiral staircase, that connects the restaurant and the top of the canopy, completing the loop between the interior and exterior spaces. Its construction, in raw basic materials, reflects the restaurant's idea to use naturally originated products in their confections, combined with the technology of its assembly, which emphasizes the will to serve their customers in a modernly optimized way, guaranteeing satisfaction with the best quality meal in the shortest time possible.

By Liliana Alvarez

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