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The Léas Exhibition Hall in Dali, China by Karv One Design

Project name:
The Léas
Interior design:
Karv One Design
Dali, China
Chen Ming
Principal designer:
Kyle Chan
Design team:
Yujie Peng, King Ou, Amber Ho, Reeta Wu, Leon Zhang, Sail Huang, Derrick Liang, Bruce Li, Joey Zhou
Built area:
2100 m²
Completion year:
Architecture firm:
Jacky Wan, Ally So
Light gray terrazzo Flooring, Dark gray natural stone staging platform Grey-grained white marble, Bronze stainless steel, Mirror stainless steel Light-colored solid wood, Blue striped denim, Orange gradient glass, Frosted acrylic
Exhibition Center

Karv One DesignSometimes, we wish to pause and experience the static moment. The Dali for Relief urban life centre, with its Chinese name symbolizing the thirteenth extra month of life, offers the place to turn your ideal lifestyle to actual experience.

The project is located on the banks of the Erhai Lake. In this single-family three-story home, the iconic natural beauty of Dali and the elements of humanities and art are integrated through creative symbols and designs. The space is infused with the urban landscape and humanities and art, and has become a landmark of cultural tourism that embodies Dali’s new lifestyle and city image.

wooden ceiling image © Chen Ming

The design attempts to integrate different visual communication media, including theatrical scenery, theme art installations, digital multimedia, art exhibitions, etc. The multi-dimensional and composite immersive experience allows people to generate new memories and associate with the ideal lifestyle. With different themes such as the Stage of the Forest, 100 Faces of New Dali, the Cloud Exhibition Center, and the Beauty of Four Seasons, the space transforms people's behaviors and movements into a vibrant scene in the urban life theatre.

The Léas Exhibition Hall in Dali, China by Karv One Design

excitation center with metal ceiling

circular metal ceiling

spiral staircase design

artificial light art on walls

exhibition center lobby area

lobby sofas and vegetations

suspended green plants inside building

metallic spiral staircase and wooden ceiling

sculpture hanged from the ceiling

exhibition hall building with illumination at night

The Léas Exhibition Hall in Dali, China by Karv One Design

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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