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HR brand in architectural company

Written by:
Oleksandra Yaroshenko
ZIKZAK Architects

Yulia Ogienko, HR Manager of ZIKZAK Architects, shared her professional knowledge, insights and advices. Spoiler: after reading to the end, you will find out what qualities you need to have to get a job in the team.

Why is a quality positive HR brand so important for the company?

For the normal functioning and harmonious development of the company, all elements are equally important, but if we talk about HR-brand, I see its greatest importance in attracting new promising employees with minimizing the cost of efforts to find them. Of course, outside of work we share our impressions about the company, someone likes the work, someone is annoyed, and someone is offended. If there is harmony within the organization, specialists, communicating about it outside work, form its positive reputation in the labor market, thus the brand attracts new talented specialists.

How do you ensure the loyalty of the team to the company?

Relationships in the team, like any other, are built on acceptance and giving. When you find "the very" team, your people, with whom you have fun, pleasant, interesting to be together, then you want not only to take, but also to give in return. Relationships in our company are built on sincere, modern, open attitude to employees. We have a whole system of corporate events that strengthen the values of the company, unite, motivate and drive the team.

How is the sustainable development of employees ensured?

We have implemented employee satisfaction questionnaires. The survey is conducted 2 times a year, based on the analysis of its results, we understand the needs of our employees. In addition, I think it is very important to be attentive to colleagues, to listen. Man is a social being, and he often voices his needs. Usually such words are not listened to or deliberately ignored. We try to take into account every wish as much as possible, record it and fulfill it in the shortest possible time, covering the needs of our employees.

Yulia Ogienko Ukrainian Architect

What are you guided by when selecting a candidate for a position? What factors are decisive?

Sincerity of a person, his critical thinking, high level of emotional intelligence, sense of humor, self-motivation, desire to learn, adaptability are very important. We identify all these qualities by questioning. Currently, we have 4 stages of interviews, which the candidate passes, and on the first two, recruiting and HR  he performs tests. According to the results of the tests, I identify the psycho-emotional state, personality type, communication principles, determine in which teams it will work better. I rely on soft skills, because, as practice shows, even if a person has more relevant experience, but, for example, does not develop critical thinking, there will be no long and fruitful interaction.                                                                                                      The more time you devote to the selection of personnel, the less problems will arise in the team. It seems to me that when creating a team, the main thing is to "bother", to invest more resources in choosing the best suitable specialist. It is better to postpone the deadlines, but choose the right person than to quickly hire "at least someone". Each team is a living organism, and if you build the structure correctly, choose people who do not compete with each other, but complement each other, this organism itself rejects a foreign body. I mean, hypothetically, even if I made a mistake, chose the wrong person, he will feel uncomfortable in the team and will leave on his own initiative without any negative aspects.

What are the practical benefits of a strong employer brand?

If you treat your employees well: nurture and take care of them, you get the same return in the form of a good reputation, a prestigious image in the labor market. The number of industries is limited, the number of good companies in certain industries is also limited, and if a company wants the same good qualified specialists to come to it in a year or two or five after opening, or perhaps even better ones, it needs to match the level.

How do you see the prospect of HR brand development in the next 5 years?

We still have no division: HR includes the responsibilities of recruiting, office manager, and anyone else. So I hope that we will finally come to a clear separation of responsibilities and standardized functionality for each of them. I think that I will stop seeing resumes in which the employee is a multifunctional specialist who understands everything in the world. For me, by the way, such a specialist, who, in his opinion, is a professional in everything, is equal to a professional in nothing. Because the more you are sprayed, the less sense you make in any field. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but this is an exceptional rarity. The world is changing too dynamically, rapidly, and those companies that stand their ground, do not want to break stereotypes, will eventually lose. The most flexible will survive, those who instantly adapt to the conditions. It is also worth focusing on the new generation, the generation of buzzers. I do not mean ageism, I do not advocate hiring only young employees, but they, the people of the new generation, will make up 80% of the Ukrainian labor market. And we must already take into account the fact that the working conditions, for example, of a millennial, and the working conditions of a Generation Z are significantly different. The sooner you come to this, practice and start to benefit, the more effective and profitable the work will be.

Features of HR-ing in an architectural company, what are they?

I do not see any special differences. Most of my work experience is related to another sphere, I communicate with people a lot, but I do not see any specific difference in team building and interaction. That is, there are some fundamental things on which everything is based, no matter what the industry or specifics of the company are. I would only like to note that individuals from the architectural sphere are extraordinary, versatile and extremely interesting people.


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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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