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A new wood-fired grill restaurant Fireplace by Bedrock: a harmonious blend of gastronomic creativity and sophisticated design in Singapore

Project name:
A new wood-fired grill restaurant Fireplace by Bedrock: a harmonious blend of gastronomic creativity and sophisticated design in Singapore
Architecture firm:
Hot Design Folks Studio
Marcus Lim
Principal architect:
Evgeniya Lazareva, Aleksandra Koroleva
Design team:
Interior design:
Hot Design Folks Studio
Built area:
225 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
an exclusive brass pendant light by Paola Navone
Custom leather artwork from Bali; the mighty Quebracho Tree; metal finishes.
Tools used:
the Fireplace by Bedrock
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The Fireplace by Bedrock wood-fired grill restaurant кecently launched in Singapore's One Holland Village, introduces a new culinary adventure, infusing the renowned Bedrock philosophy with a fresh, nature-infused approach. This creative endeavor from the distinguished Hot Design Folks Studio merges the primal appeal of wood fire cooking with taste sensations that revitalize, embodying the true spirit of basic culinary creativity.

Fireplace by Bedrock delivers an immersive dining journey, featuring spaces thoughtfully designed from a tranquil terrace brimming with greenery to an energetic open kitchen. Each area serves as a stage for gastronomic exploration, designed to captivate and thrill the senses. The restaurant's elegant design boasts a magnificent floor-to-ceiling dry-aging and wine showcase, realized from the unique visions of its designers. This prominent element highlights the studio's dedication to creating spaces that are both practical and rich in narrative.

At the heart of Fireplace by Bedrock, an open fire sets the scene for a gastronomic spectacle, enveloped by the warmth of wood and the aged sheen of zinc, reminiscent of traditional Asado techniques. The establishment also includes a semi-private area, concealed behind a metallic screen, providing a secluded setting for celebrations, featuring custom leather artwork from Bali and an exclusive brass pendant light by Paola Navone. Additionally, an outdoor area under a versatile canopy amidst greenery offers a genuine Asado-style dining experience under the sky.

Drawing inspiration from the mighty Quebracho Tree, pivotal in Argentine Asado traditions, the decor crafts an ambiance rich in natural hues and textures, blending the cozy feel of wood with refined metal finishes. The interior's palpable surfaces, largely adorned with a special 'rammed earth' effect inspired by the Quebracho's appearance, were specially crafted for this project by Clayworks in London, following Hot Design Folks' sketches.

The creators behind Fireplace by Bedrock describe it as more than just a dining spot; it's a festivity of fire, taste, and fellowship, welcoming patrons to a setting where each meal pays homage to nature's bounties, against the charming vista of Singapore's One Holland Village.

About boutique design studio Hot Design Folks

Located in Singapore, Hot Design Folks is a boutique design studio specializing in upscale interiors for the hospitality sector, commercial spaces, and food & beverage establishments, emphasizing brand identity and the customer experience. With a dedication to innovative concepts and immersive environments, we at Hot Design Folks hold the conviction that every impactful design is rooted in a compelling narrative. Over the span of six years, Hot Design Folks has successfully completed a variety of hospitality projects in locations such as Singapore, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Hot Design Folks was founded in 2017 by Evgeniya Lazareva studio’s creative director. Evgeniya originally from Kazakhstan, today calls Singapore her home.

By Liliana Alvarez

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