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ARki app: The NextGen architects who design in the metaverse

Application software:
Darf Design LTD
Operating system:
iPad and iPhone
Graphics and design
- Real-Time Shadows - Create realistic shadows and real-time lighting. - Save projects in any location using the Anchor tool. Save models to real-world images or world features. - Create Multiple Layers- Import multiple 3d models to create interactive layers and toggles. - Create and save Unlimited Projects - Accurate scaling of projects so that you can view projects easily at 1:1 scale - Accurately move and rotate, objects in the scene that give precise control over 1:1 scale experience - Create a Material palette to show texture options in each model - Import animated FBX files and play animations - Add custom icons for individual layers - Add custom information about your project - Sync projects between devices so that you can access files remotely. - Share projects with multiple users - Record videos and take screenshots

Recently recognised as one of the best augmented reality apps by Apple, ARki is an AR platform which helps 3d designers visualise their projects in location, improve the way they communicate their designs, and ultimately market their proposals with clients.

The platform was launched in 2019, and revolutionises the way architectural data is communicated in our cities. ARki helps streamline 3d data between the various stakeholders during all stages of an architectural project, and allows everyone involved in a project to have an easier understanding of 3d drawings.

The app is used by architecture and engineering studios globally, and recently commissioned by Network Rail’s Buildings and Architecture department, to showcase their collaborative footbridge designs to the public.

The recent update to ARki app showcases the nextgen railway footbridges catalogue in AR.  Experience Frame, Beacon, Ribbon, Futura and AVA Bridge, which have been designed by a unique selection of designers including Haskoll, Knight architects, Gottlieb Palladun, Marks Barfield Architects, and Hawkins Brown.

The immersive visualisation in ARki simplifies the design process, and allows teams, and the public, an easy way of selecting footbridges for their local stations. By visualising the catalogue within a real-time 3d/AR experience, the Buildings and Architecture department encourage greater collaboration, and help teams to create more meaningful, beautiful buildings!

This is just one of the ways ARki is helping architects market their proposals using AR. The creation of the metaverse is just beginning, and we welcome the nextgen architects to join the revolution..

About Sahar Fikouhi 

Sahar Fikouhi is an Architect, Computational Designer and Founder of Darf Design. Since launching the company in 2012, Sahar has worked with several architectural and engineering companies developing augmented reality visualisations, that enhance communication between design teams and project stakeholders. Her experience has been pivotal in leading her team to deliver an award winning app, ARki, being used by thousands of 3d designers worldwide to create architectural-scale augmented reality visualisations. Sahar has a Masters in Architecture and Computational design, and is highly skilled at developing digital products, which has been her lead role at Darf. Her background in architecture and computation gives her an exceptional understanding in balancing emerging technology with human-centred design. Sahar was born in Iran, and lives in London, with her husband and son, who are all keen DIY enthusiasts and love building stuff.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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