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Mount Lico for a life that adapts to extreme conditions in Aknar, Tamanrasset by Touahri Meriem

Touahri Meriem
University of Constantine 3 Salah Boubnider Algeria department of architecture
Chaouch Salah
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Lumion, Adobe Premiere Pro. Zair Sofiane (Visualization)
Project name:
" Mount Lico" for a life that adapts to extreme conditions, Aknar Tamanrasset
4th semester master architecture
Design year:
Aknar, Tamanrasset region, Algeria
Built area:
3788 m²
Site area:
1 hectare
Concept - Design
Museum, Leisure

Touahri Meriem: Given the importance of training and space research on an international scale and the neglect of these in Algeria, a country which has the natural capacities to integrate such activities.

Taking into account the news, the current context, the potentials and difficulties in our country prompted me to consider this project not as a solution to these problems, but as an attempt to improve and develop things.  With this in mind, my “Mount Lico” a project where research, leisure and adaptation training can be found will participate in the enhancement and development of the Martian image of the Hoggar, this magnificent geological museum in the starry sky of the Tamanrasset region and the country's integration into training and space research at the international level.

parametric museum in desert

futuristic architetture design

building in the middle of desert

night at desert

seeing starts at night in desert


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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