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The Green Growth Restaurant by Kalbod Studio Design

Project name:
The Green Growth Restaurant Iceland
Architecture firm:
Kalbod Studio Design
Damavand, Iran
Tools used:
Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Design team:
Shaghayegh Nemati, Atefe Ramezankhani, Mohamadreza Ghasemi
Built area:
Site area:
5000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Shaghayegh Nemati
In Process

Kalbod Studio Design : Iceland and a fascinating and delicious experience in the warm embrace of the greenhouse!

Icelandic restaurant-greenhouse is a multifunctional space that can accompany the audience with the process of agricultural production while serving as an international restaurant.

The main idea of creating restaurant-greenhouse spaces was to open up and make available the inherent potential of the land for agriculture. This opening to the light and being sheltered from the heat of the soil by providing the performance of greenhouses and also a view of the natural attractions of the region, provides the main goals of the competition.

Develop Plan

According to the proposed area (up to 5000 square meters) for the project development plan, from the beginning of the design process, the necessary space for 6 modules and 1 half module of the greenhouse-restaurant type was considered.

Aurora Box

Slowly, towards the experience of the dawn embrace! The rooms located on the +1 floor invite people in the space to watch the dance of color and light by moving outside at dawn. The transparent walls on the ceiling and walls provide the experience of this dreamy presence by providing a wide view of the sky.


A cozy and quiet atmosphere overlooking the green events of the greenhouse and facing the natural aesthetics of Iceland. On the +1 floor, by adjusting the transparent glass floors and the possibility of seeing the events of the complex, people and space are surrounded by greenhouses.in other words, Despite the lack of greenhouse space in this floor, due to these transparent floors Greenhouse and human events in this floor also embrace each other.

Exhibition and shop of local products and handicrafts

Upon entering the complex on the -1st floor, the exhibition and store of local products and handicrafts on the right side attracts attentions. It allows audience to have a good memory of our Icelandic greenhouse restaurant after visiting the collections and buying products and handicrafts. Outside any greenhouse, you can enjoy the miniature scale of the Icelandic landscape and live in the open air by stepping into space.

Use of geothermal energy

 In this structure, water is sent into the ground at a normal temperature by a pump, and after heating by natural geothermal energy, it enters the greenhouse space and provides the heat needed for agriculture. After heating the floors, the cooled water is sent back into the ground to be heated again for circulation in the greenhouse.

By Liliana Alvarez

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