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Creative Dialogues: NOOM & CUUB Collaboration

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Ukrainian design brand NOOM and creative content studio CUUB collaborate to showcase Ukraine's architectural heritage and top-notch industrial design and remind people about the War in Ukraine just on the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Russia.

Dedicated to the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian design brand NOOM and creative content studio CUUB have joined forces to shed light on Ukraine from a fresh perspective. Both internationally renowned, these two entities have merged their expertise to reiterate Ukraine's rich architectural heritage, vibrant contemporary design, and advanced technologies despite the ongoing war. The essence of this collaboration lies in showcasing that Ukraine is not only about its traditional culture but also boasts brutalist and modernist architecture, along with contemporary industrial design that continues to thrive despite the ongoing war.

Through collaborative efforts, NOOM and CUUB aim to emphasize Ukraine's architectural diversity and resilience in the face of adversity. They serve as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that creativity endures even in the most challenging times. The collaboration's focal point lies in artistic visualisations showcasing five architectural marvels. These visual representations serve a dual purpose: to draw attention to buildings of architectural significance that are at risk of disappearing due to neglect and Russian missile attacks and to underscore the importance of preserving modernist architectural heritage.

The complete set consists of 15 images.

Oles Honchar Regional Universal Scientific Library, Kherson. Interiors destroyed by russian missiles

The Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library, a unique modernist marvel constructed in 1986 by architects H. Avramenko and N. Marchenko, has fallen victim to Russian attacks.

Image’s Concept: Step into a realm between existence and demise with our portrayal of this lost monument. Caught in the limbo between its former glory and current ruin, we freeze this transition with swirling clouds of dust, teetering fragments, and impending cracks that threaten to engulf the entire structure. We invite you to witness the transient beauty from within as if pressing pause.

The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, Kyiv

The main building of the Vernadsky National Library is one of Kyiv's most recognizable modernist structures. It was built in 1989 according to the project of "Kyivproekt" architects Vadym Hopkal, Vadym Grechyna and Valerii Peskovskyi. The vertical part of the library is a book depository with 27 floors, and the library's reading rooms and office premises are located in the horizontal part.

Image’s concept: Behold the enchanting beauty of the Vernadsky Library, a masterpiece of architecture that speaks for itself. The selected chairs, carefully curated in colour and form, harmoniously complement the building under the soft glow of the Western sun — an ode to elegance and cohesion.

Palace of Culture named after Serhiy Korolev, Kyiv. Yesterday, 23.02.2024, the interiors of this architectural marvel were destroyed by fire. Last night, someone set fire to the hall of the building.

The Palace of Culture, named after Serhiy Korolov, was built in 1984 by outstanding architect Valentyn Yezhov. The palace has unique architecture and fascinating interiors. The façade of the building is decorated with a rare natural stone - red Armenian volcanic tuff. The interior, with a stunning cosmic-style chandelier in the hall on the second floor, looks highly futuristic. 

Image’s concept: Observe the interplay of textures and light: rough metal ceilings, warm parquet wood, and plush chairs create a captivating contrast, elevating the interior into a realm of timeless beauty. As the golden hour light bathed the space, inspired by the Palace's own photographic allure, it infused the scene with an ethereal quality, transforming it into pure magic.

The Kryvyi Rih Metrotram (colloquially: Kryvyi Rih Metro).  Prospekt Metalurhiv Station.

Prospect Metalurhiv, a station on the Kryvyi Rih Metrotram that opened on 2 May 1989, stands as a testament to architectural excellence. Aesthetically, it boasts a striking monolithic concrete vault adorned with a series of niches housing suspended luminescent chandeliers. Red brickwork and grey marble are used on walls, whilst red and grey granite grace the floor. The metrotram looks like a regular metro station, but instead of a train, a tram arrives. There are only a few cities in the world where you can see this: Brussels, The Hague, San Francisco, Antwerp, Krakow.

Image’s concept: Venture into a realm of fantasy inspired by the Metro ceiling's uncanny resemblance to UFOs. Witness the extraordinary as our frame captures the daring theft of a chest of drawers. The material choice echoes the interior's overall style, infusing mystique and fantasy into the composition.

Modernist climatrons at The Fomin Botanical Garden, Kyiv

A real gem is hidden in the very center of Kyiv — one of the oldest botanical gardens of Ukraine, founded in 1839.  The subtropical climatron was built in 1977, and the glass-domed embassy for the tropics was opened in 1984. Climatrons create a perfect environment for their plants, replicating their native habitats.

Image’s concept: Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of the botanical garden—a realm of fireflies, little birds. This shot encapsulates the essence of lightness, freshness, and inner harmony, channeling a zen-like tranquility that resonates with the magical ambience of nature.

By Liliana Alvarez

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