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OMNIRES makes its debut at the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile

Written by:
Anna Antovska

The Polish brand OMNIRES, specialising in solutions and fittings used in bathrooms and kitchens, will be making its debut in this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile trade show. The event will take place between 16 and 21 April. The OMNIRES stand will showcase the brand’s best-selling collections and its inspiring approach to art, water and responsible design, aptly encapsulated in the coherent concept of “The Art of Water Design”. Following the success of the Frankfurt ISH trade fair, the company continues to move towards international expansion. Participation in European trade fairs is a clear confirmation of the brand’s growing presence outside of Poland.

OMNIRES is a brand appreciated not only by individual customers but also by the construction industry and architects. OMNIRES products, which include bathroom and kitchen mixers, baths, basins, shower systems and bathroom accessories, have long been a popular choice of leading design studios in Poland and now also abroad. The architects’ trust in the OMNIRES brand results from the company’s 30-year-plus history, its prestige and its ability to introduce bold colour finishes and distinctive forms to contemporary interiors. This enables OMNIRES to easily adapt to the market's ever-changing needs and become a pioneer in creating new standards in the bathroom and kitchen fittings and equipment industry.

Ingenuity, vision, innovation

The different zones of the OMNIRES stand at the upcoming Salone Del Mobile trade fair in Milan, designed by the celebrated Łoskiewicz Studio, will showcase the harmonious combination of art, water and design. The dark colour scheme of the exhibition space – creating an art gallery effect – will form the perfect backdrop to highlight the products, known for their unique colours and well-thought-out design. The central alley will take the guests to the networking zones and towards the art installation in the form of a fountain with filtered water, built from SWITCH kitchen sink mixers. The theme of the stand will be “The Art of Water Design”, with art flowing freely along with the current of responsible design.

“When we design our spaces, we always aim to create an immersive experience where our products are not merely displayed but curated as functional art pieces. The minimalistic design enables us to thoughtfully showcase our offerings, creating a museum-like ambiance that invites visitors to explore the artistic essence inherent in each product.” – explains Paulina Shacalis, Managing and Creative Director of OMNIRES.

Stand D09, located in Hall 10, promises to offer all its visitors a journey through the world of diverse forms and innovative approaches to interior design. In addition to its functional value, “The Art of Water Design” will also act as an artistic medium. As part of this artistic concept, water will become one with applied arts, giving rise to a remarkable installation. The visual minimalism of the details, combined with exceptional colours, will likely delight even the most discerning visitors arriving at this famous Milanese trade show. The OMNIRES stand will introduce the guests to the potential offered by the combination of art, water and design. Why not mark the date in your calendar to open yourself up to the aesthetic experience offered by the OMNIRES brand in the everyday use of the bathroom and kitchen?

How to get to the trade show

The Salone del Mobile trade show is easily accessible by Milanese public transport, train or car. The quickest way to get to the venue is using the M1 Metro Red Line to Rho-Fiera Station (last stop). Tickets for the event are available on the trade show’s website.

More information on: https://omnires.com/pl/


OMNIRES is a Polish company with a global presence whose passion for more than 30 years has been the creation of superior quality products and experiences ready to be used in well-thought-out and life-inspiring interiors.

The brand’s extensive portfolio includes products intended for the bathroom and kitchen: from mixers and accessories to baths and basins, as well as solutions for shower and toilet areas. The diversity of designs and colour finishes caters to many aesthetic choices and helps create unique, tailor-made interiors while offering a wealth of interior design solutions.

Out of concern for the natural environment, OMNIRES designs all its products consciously based on the analysis of the entire product life cycle. The products are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and intuitive solutions that help reduce water and energy consumption. OMNIRES products are developed in partnership with renowned designers whose individual experiences represent exceptional design values. The brand’s collections have been repeatedly recognised for their design, innovative materials and advanced technological solutions, winning numerous awards in competitions such as the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design, iF Design Award, German Design Award, Top Design Award, Must Have and Dobry Wzór (Good Design).

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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