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OMNIRES’ successful debut at Salone del Mobile 2024

Written by:
Anna Antovska

OMNIRES, an expert in innovative solutions for the bathroom and kitchen sectors, has recorded another success following its participation in the recent Salone del Mobile trade fair in Milan. The brand showcased its idea titled ‘The Art of Water Design’, which focuses on state-of-the-art design, product functionality and sustainable water use. The design of the exhibition space, entrusted to Loskiewicz.Studio, drew widespread attention, with visitors including some of the most internationally-renowned names in the world of design and architecture, such as David Basulto, the creator of Arch Daily.

This year’s Salone del Mobile attracted a record number of more than 360 thousand visitors and 1,950 exhibitors from 35 countries around the world, which is an increase of 17.1% compared to last year. Making its debut at the Milan trade fair, the Polish brand OMNIRES showcased its excellently received collections of kitchen and bathroom mixers, basins, shower trays and baths, which allow for versatile arrangements in bathrooms and kitchens. The company displayed inspiring products, as well as different finishes of surfaces and colour choices, designed by the OMNIRES Studio and in collaboration with respected design studios, including Pawlak & Stawarski and Maja Ganszyniec Studio. Visitors to the stand experienced the compositional arrangement of planes and lines in the exhibition space, which effectively highlighted the shapes and textures of the Polish manufacturer’s individual collections in a manner reminiscent of methods used by art galleries. Each of them was given a dedicated space in the stand, seamlessly transitioning into different zones and inviting visitors to explore the display, which directed them towards an art installation. ‘Given the nature of OMNIRES products and the Italian setting, I chose to be inspired by water, interpreting it in a way that combines art with functionality. The fountain, which is the focal point of the stand, in addition to its aesthetic value, also fulfilled a practical function of enabling visitors to drink filtered water.’ - Anna Łoskiewicz of Loskiewicz.Studio describes the OMNIRES exhibition space.

Polish innovation on the world stage

A characteristic feature of the OMNIRES products showcased at Salone del Mobile 2024, including the pre-release BEYOND fittings collection, was the minimalist style achieved through clean, distinctive lines that unmistakably define a contemporary take on bathroom and kitchen design. Through the use of a unique SWITCH kitchen mixer fountain, which treated visitors to a refreshing drink of filtered water, the brand introduced an interesting point of reference, highlighting the aesthetic importance of well-designed and functional fittings. The brand’s presence at the Salone del Mobile confirmed the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and inspiring solutions to customers around the world.

‘We have observed an excellent response from customers, distributors and architects from different regions of the world. At the same time, we know that the technologically advanced manufacturing process of our collections meets the specifications of the most ambitious investment projects. The interest shown in our products during Salone del Mobile confirms that we have chosen the right strategy. I am confident that the participation in such a prestigious event will strengthen the company’s reputation as an important player in the international market.’ – adds Paulina Shacalis, Managing and Creative Director of OMNIRES.

Under the Surface installation

In pavilion 10, right next to the OMNIRES stand, visitors could find out more about bathroom design in terms of sustainable water use. The much-talked-about installation ‘Under the Surface’, designed and built by Accurat, Design Group Italia and Emiliano Ponzi, prompted the visitors to reflect on the important topic of water consumption. The installation, in the form of a blue submerged island, used a visual narrative to raise awareness of the impact of everyday water consumption on the environment. The project showcased technological advances related to water saving features of bathroom fittings, an idea that is very much part of the OMNIRES philosophy.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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