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SEE THE SEA tower in Mumbai, India by Rithik Sanghvi

Designed by Indian architecture student Rithik Sanghvi, ''SEE THE SEA'' tower is an urban public space, with height of 350 meters (tallest in India) that is located in MumbaiIndia

Project description by student:

An urban public space, with interlace of water / Experiencing architecture through water.

“whenever I think about architecture, images come to my mind of childhood, spending time in this city of Mumbai. 

The spaces between tall buildings and narrow roads, the edge between water and land, the feel of emptiness and fullness, but never really got any answer, for my affection towards this city (MUMBAI).”

tower in the sea

“despite its transformation into a cultural and economic hub, Mumbai lacks an architectural symbol that projects its cosmopolitan identity. Most of its existing monuments refers to colonial past and become anachronistic when confronted by the 21st century energy.

a skyscraper with green terraces in Mumbai sea

SEE THE SEA tower in Mumbai, India by Rithik Sanghvi

And the diversity of this island mega-city. The imminent arrival of towers emulating the Dubai formula appears equally dubious as a means for Mumbai to express itself.”

architectural drawing plans

Situated along the curve expanse of marine drive at the southern end of the city, the SEE THE SEA tower, contains museums, underwater observatories, a garden at 150-meter level, and roof top observatories, adding as an icon to this mega city and India.

a green and sustainable tower rendering image

sustainable tower in sea

skyscraper with green terraces

architectural concept for a tower

architectural concept presentation

architectural section drawings architectural section drawings 

architectural section drawings

Project name: SEE THE SEA 

Student: Rithik Sanghvi

University: School of planning and architecture,Mysuru,India

Teacher: AR. Pramod

Year: 2019

Tools used: Rhino 3DLumion 9

Collaborators: Anthony Abhijith

Semester: 9th sem, thesis

Location: MumbaiIndia

Built area: 10000 m²

Site area: 24500 m²

Height: 350 meters

Type: public building

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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