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Four stars hotel in Maspero, Cairo by Sara Mostafa Omran

The Egyptian architecture student Sara Mostafa Omran has designed ''Four stars hotel''  for Maspero,CairoEgypt by using simple geometric shapes.

Project description by Student:

The design is based on finding solutions using simple geometric shapes, creating spaces for different activities with open spaces for interaction and communication with a pleasant view. The hotel building in Maspero in the middle of Cairo showcases the story of urban renewal and of the evolution of the city’s architecture. As part of the city plan, and it represents as a contemporary landmark that visually and physically responds to the surrounding urban context.

four stars hotel in Cairo Egypt image © Sara Mostafa

In designing the facade, Often, towers are surfaced with anonymous curtain walls. It was a decision that the building’s design will be an attempt to relate to the architectural tradition of the area and to the low residential buildings of the city’s center. We surfaced the facade with modular system of white cement and designed windows that hint at the internal functions concealed within them.

rendering image image © Sara Mostafa

it had to consider A vertical and horizontal balance, created by the window arrangement visually transforms the facade, with the stepping of the form which offers views on the Nile river from all hotel rooms.

architectural diagram diagram 

The building features an outdoor open pool area that offers a quiet, protected space as an outdoor point to the hotel. It connects the building with the surrounding context, also allow people to see into the building, invoking a sense of visual accessibility. pedestrian circulation through the outdoor and the sky gardens evoke a sense of wander and exploration, and the facade brings in natural light, air and ventilation.

architectural diagram diagram 

architectural diagram diagram 

architectural elevationElevation

architectural form concept Form

architectural sectionSection

architectural layout drawingLayout

sustainable hotel in Cairoimage © Sara Mostafa

Student: Sara Mostafa Omran

University: Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department

Teacher: Dr. Ahmed Abdin

Year: 2018

Tools used: Autodesk Revit, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop

Project name: Four Stars Hotel

Semester: Third year of architecture

Location: Maspero,CairoEgypt

Built area: 6840 m²

Site area: 11400 m²

Type: Hospitality and Commercial

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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