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Shahid a journey to Cairo's heritage

The Egyptian architectural student Ahmed Ayman has designed ''Shahid'' a Museum of Architecture & Documentation center that located in Al-Mokattam,CairoEgypt

Project description by designer:

My Project brands for the importance of understanding heritage not just watching it. This would take place through establishing an orientation center to explain the story behind the monuments.

a huge cantilevered museum building in Egypt image © Ahmed Ayman 

The project is a museum of architectural heritage. I chose this because Cairo is full of architectural heritage and most of this heritage is abandoned and none care about it. So, this project is for documenting the undocumented buildings (documentation center) and to exhibit the magnificent architectural heritage of Cairo (museum). There will be also an academy to educate people how to save the heritage and preserve old buildings and how to document heritage scientifically.

3d rendering image of the facade image © Ahmed Ayman 

architectural details shown in a section drawing image © Ahmed Ayman 

Why Shahid?

I used Shahid (witness) as a title for this project because:

-The site was always a witness to the evolution of Cairo’s architecture through ages.

-The project will be a witness of the beauty and greatness of Cairo’s architectural heritage.

night view of the museum image © Ahmed Ayman 

architectural planPlan -5 level

layout of the building Plan +5 level

plans Plan 0 level 

architectural drawing Main plan -15 level 

section of the museum Section 

skin facade used with diagonal shapes image © Ahmed Ayman 

people using telescopes image © Ahmed Ayman 

a huge ancient Egyptian sculpture made of gold image © Ahmed Ayman 

luxury pendant lamps hanged from the ceiling image © Ahmed Ayman 

visitors entering the exhibition room image © Ahmed Ayman 

man on an escalator going up to upper level image © Ahmed Ayman 

Shahid a journey to Cairo's heritage image © Ahmed Ayman 

the bird eyes view of the museum from above image © Ahmed Ayman 

layout details image © Ahmed Ayman 

site plan explained through drawings image © Ahmed Ayman 

structure details shown in the drawings image © Ahmed Ayman 

Architect: Ahmed Ayman 

Location: Al-Mokattam,CairoEgypt

University: Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Area: 20,000 m²

Supervised by: Sherif Morgan, Amr E-Husseiny, Fady Philip 

Tools used: Autodesk 3ds MaxAutodesk Revit Architecture (All Versions), VraySketchUpAdobe Photoshop

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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