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Far from the beaches and vast sea, Nantucket packs more elegance in the neighborhood, where blossoming gardens greet you. Diversity is one of the main reasons behind the island’s vibrant groundskeeping culture.
Written by
Christine Cooper
The grass and wildflower gardens are by Piet Oudolf
With the weather warming up, it’s finally time to turn your attention to your garden. Gardening can be a great, therapeutic way to become one with nature, but it can be difficult to keep your garden looking its best. If you want to spruce up your vegetable or flower patch, but don’t know how, this list has got you covered.
Written by
Allen Brown
Marzenna Gaines (cover image), Maria Orlova
Do you ever browse gorgeous gardens and patios in magazines, dreaming that your outdoor space could one day look like that? Well, it can! With a little creativity, a bit of knowledge, and a lot of hard work, you can recreate some of the best garden designs. 
Written by
Carol Trehearn
Daderot, Hiro2006 (cover image), 663highland, Markus Spiske, Martina Picciau, Matt Hoffman, Michael Lee
Water fountains are meant to guarantee impressions and excitement to your guests and visitors. That being said, malfunctions like influxes may happen, especially if you opt for poorly-made outdoor fountains. That’s why a quality water feature may either make or break the look of your garden.  Lik...