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“The inception of each project is an exciting stage, brimming with opportunities for creativity and unique approaches,” say Akka Interiors Studio designers Aizhana Kunayeva and Aidana Koshumbayeva. They were approached by a young woman whose dynamic lifestyle and passion for travel significantly influenced the interior design process.
Project name
Spacious 300 m² apartment for a large family in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Architecture firm
Akka Interiors
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Damir Otegen
Delicately crafted by combining two adjoining apartment units in an archaic building in the plush neighbourhood of Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Midori finely walks the line between subtlety and opulence. Sinuous curves flow into each other to give way to a contemporary gatsby-esque space that functions as a home for a family of three on weekdays, and part...
Architecture firm
Malabar Hill, Mumbai, India
Saurabh Suryan and Lokesh Dang (studio suryan//dang)
ARRCC, acclaimed South African design studio specialising in interior architecture, interior design, and décor, will be featured in this year’s 25th Volume of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review.
Written by
Left to Right: Nina Sierra Rubia (Junior Associate), Michele Rhoda (Director), Mark Rielly, (Director), Quintin Gilman (Junior Associate), Jon Case (Director)