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The landmark EXO building by Shay Cleary Architects is the tallest commercial office building in Ireland. A unique engineering challenge, the building features a distinctive and highly innovative external exo-skeleton which forms the main structure, leaving a predominantly column free floor plate and referencing the iconic blue gantries of the Dubl...
Project name
The EXO, Dublin 1
Architecture firm
Shay Cleary Architects
Dublin 1, Ireland
Jamie Hackett Photography
YAC launches a competition of ideas aiming to recondition an Irish industrial archeological masterpiece into a meditation destination immersed in nature.
Young Architects Competitions
Participants can be students, graduates, and freelance architects, even when they belong to a team. It is not mandatory to be experts in architectural disciplines or members of architectural associations. Each team must include at least one team member aged from 18 to 35
This house represents the fundamental idea of a soap bubble, it rests on a rocky cliff covered with pink blossoms, overlooking the Atlantic ocean in Ireland. The spherical forms create sensuous interior spaces when they intersect, creating six bubbles with  different interior spaces surrounded by transparent glass, where you can feel nature in ever...
Project name
The Bubble House
Architecture firm
Sarah Habib Designs
Tools used
Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop