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By creating a distinctive spatial environment that embodies a "powerful impact," the regional brand breaks through the fog of obscurity that has shrouded it for the past twenty years. Through in-depth exploration of the target audience, the establishment of memorable spatial elements, and the cultivation of emotional value, a series of methods are...
Project name
WANG BBQ Hepingli Flagship Store
Interior design
Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd.
Beijing, China
Boris Shiu; Videography: Xiao Shiming
With 22 years’ prosperous history, Xuji Seafood has been characterized by live seafood to broke through the weak era of Chinese catering field two decades before. It has expanded into over 50 restaurants all over China by now, and the brand image has been continuously upgraded in its rapid development. In November 2021, Xuji Seafood Xi'an Mixc Worl...
Project name
Xuji Seafood Restaurant Mixc World
Architecture firm
Wu Wei
Xi'an, China
Zheng Yan, Video: Xiao Shiming