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IN. X: WANG BBQ Hepingli Store Strategic Catering Space Design

Project name:
WANG BBQ Hepingli Flagship Store
Interior design:
Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd.
Beijing, China
Boris Shiu; Videography: Xiao Shiming
Principal designer:
Wu Wei
Design team:
Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Zhang Shun
Built area:
580 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior Furnishing: Ying Zheguang, Song Jiangli; Lighting Design: Uniimport; Visual Output: Fayoung Design; Copywriting and Planning: NARJEELING; Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency
Architecture firm:
Tools used:
Hospitality › Restaurant

By creating a distinctive spatial environment that embodies a "powerful impact," the regional brand breaks through the fog of obscurity that has shrouded it for the past twenty years. Through in-depth exploration of the target audience, the establishment of memorable spatial elements, and the cultivation of emotional value, a series of methods are employed to raise the brand banner and expand its influence.

Here, there is laughter and anger, the essentials of life, the human drama and dreams, amidst the bustling world.

- Conclusion of the documentary "Life on a Skewer"

01- Space Recipe / Night Tales of the Everlasting City

When the neon lights reflect the faces of both craft beer barrels and diners in a flickering orange hue, the diners briefly experience the sensation of the everlasting city of Beijing within the stillness of the masterfully designed space. This marks the first revolutionary reset of the WANG BBQ's space in the past twenty years, a precise surgical strategy implemented by IN.X, where sunsets, barbecues, and beer serve as the key ingredients of the new space, fermenting into a lively and mesmerizing atmosphere.

Why specifically at sunset?

Sunrises always seem lengthy, while sunsets often impatiently rush in. Thus, the concept of the everlasting city takes on an almost imaginary poetic quality—urban dwellers' weariness, relaxation, and sensitivity all blend with fatigue and joy during sunset. Fire and meat collide at this moment, releasing the most primal flavors. It draws people inside during the twilight hours, whether for barbecue, alcohol, laughter, or anger—everything ultimately carries a scorching intensity.

The lingering glow of the setting sun acts as a subtle filter, yet it is enough to unveil the true emotions hidden by the daytime facade of every returning diner. The space itself understands this well, with every detail seemingly whispering, "Give it your all, don't hold back." It ignites a fiery passion within each individual, urging them to embrace their authentic selves without hesitation.

02- Barbecue Adventure / Freedom and Fun Unleashed

Food is the safest adventure in the world, and a series of adventures combined is a remarkable journey. This description perfectly captures the essence of the new WANG BBQ store.

With the beer barrels and circular bar counter at its core, the space opens up in a scattered pattern, blending seven parts relaxation with three parts surrealism to create WANG BBQ's unique sense of "freedom." Along the sunset-lit signage saying "Upstairs, please," it feels as if diving into the deep sea and resurfacing, officially joining the club of the everlasting city.

The exposed beer barrel installation reaches all the way to the ceiling, surrounded by LED light strips and metal pipes. Slices of the sky canopy penetrate through the facade windows, allowing for instant emotional connection and boundless glimpses of the future, all fueled by the intense heat and intoxication. The raw structure columns and rough matte materials reflect an incredibly rich level of detail in the glow of the lights. They contrast with the smooth and sharp metal surfaces, creating a rhythmic fireworks display within the space.

Similar to the elevated pipes on the second floor, the undefined functional area on the mezzanine level adds a touch of freedom to dinner time. Whether it's waiting for friends, enjoying a drink alone, or taking a breather, there's room for it all. The space exudes a genuine and carefree hospitality that can be felt throughout.

The design rhythmically integrates circular elements within the square space, breaking away from the conventional and continuously responding to the theme of the sunset. The private dining rooms introduce a new concept of "specialized service" in the realm of barbecue. The operating counter, grills, and custom metal lighting fixtures create a futuristic ambiance. This innovative service approach bridges the gap between the traditional self-service dining style of a barbecue restaurant, making the private rooms more suitable for intimate gatherings and business dinners.

03- Strategy comes first, design comes second.

It is extremely challenging for a regional dining brand to maintain its presence for two or three decades in rapidly evolving urban environments. Every change has the potential to disrupt the delicate balance that sustains them. However, it is precisely these small establishments that are intimately connected to communities and people that bring warmth and joy to countless ordinary lives.

That is why IN.X is committed to expanding horizons and opening up infinite possibilities for regional restaurants. We understand the significance of these establishments and their role in fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences. By bridging the gap between interior and exterior spaces, we aim to create a future where these local dining establishments can thrive and continue to enrich the lives of their customers.

WANG BBQ is breaking the mold by creating a space that offers young people an exciting and meaningful dining experience. Our goal is to expand our customer base and cater to the needs of the younger generation. When a small restaurant can stand strong and become a beacon of light in the city, it becomes a place where people can enter without hesitation, enjoy a satisfying meal, let loose, and embrace life.

So, come on up to WANG BBQ, have a skewer of meat, and continue chasing after life's adventures.

By Liliana Alvarez

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