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The field of hospitality (HoReCa) is transforming, trying to meet modern human needs and even exceed their expectations. Changes concern both the organization of space, the search for new forms, images, materials in design and architecture, as well as the use of technology and innovation. Also, much attention is paid to the formation of the atmosph...
Written by
Lighting designer Julia Lyubakova (QPRO)
© Intercity Bar, Design: Vermilion Zhou Design Group
Lighting design is the tool that can help to create a new aesthetically attractive, functional, and energy-efficient structures. The possibility of using different artistic techniques for facade lighting brings lighting design to a new level, when architecture communicates with the viewer through light using modern technologies.
Written by
Roman Ammosov, Marika Volkova (QPRO)
Corné Clemens
The 2022 LIT Lighting Design Awards is now accepting entries into its two major categories, Lighting Product Design and Lighting Design. It welcomes submissions from professional, emerging designers and students until the 22nd of October 2022, the program promises to attract entries from some of the most forward creative lighting firms and independ...
LIT Lighting Design Awards
Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Product Design
The LIT Design Awards competition is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.