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In 2019, the brazilian architecture office, Biselli Katchborian, was hired by Santos F.C, to develop a retrofit proposal for the Vila Belmiro, club legendary stadium and the stage for numerous Pelé football matches.
Project name
Vila Belmiro’s Retrofit
Architecture firm
Biselli Katchborian + Zanatta Figueiredo Arquitetos
Santos, São Paulo, Brazil
Tools used
Revit, AutoCAD
Located in a small gated community on the outskirts of São Paulo, the brazilian office Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados project for TRD House featured glass elements and a concrete structure, as well as a piece of helical staircase, connecting the living environment to the walkway that unites the accommodation volumes of the program.
Project name
TRD House
Architecture firm
Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados
São Paulo, Brazil
Nelson Kon